Sunday Links

After a week off the Sunday links have returned. Over the past few weeks you have heard me talk about an incident at my old smoking spot. While I won’t go into details about that because it got out of hand and I have respect for the owner as a person it did however open my eyes to the importance of visiting other brick & mortars. By venturing out and visiting new shops you get to expand horizons in terms of smokes. A shop owner tries to offer a diverse selection but a lot of times they won’t bring in a cigar for whatever reason. By visiting new shops over the past two weeks I have tried many new cigars and some of which were outstanding while others we clunkers. Change is good, and important to further ones knowledge and tastes in cigars.

The Sunday Links…

  • Smoke Signals has a great accounting of his pilgrimage to the IPCPR convention in New Orleans.
  • Cigar Inspector reviews a cigar that almost everyone has smoked and continues to the smoke in the Rocky Patel Edge.
  • The Cigar Spies reviews my favorite cigar, the Casa Fuente.
  • Puffing Cigars reviews one of the best cigars to come out this year the Alec Bradley SCR.

Til next time, smoke em if you got em!