Cigar Review: Room 101 Cigars

Room 101 Cigars by Camacho

Room 101 Cigars by Camacho

I heard good things about these smokes from those who went to the convention and I was dying to try them. Unfortunately they haven’t really begun to show up at shops around the country but I was lucky enough to have a few sent by request. So I thank the good people of Camacho cigars for these un-banded samples. They included a kick ass t-shirt and bandanna along with the smokes.

The following comes from their press release; “Room101, the alternative luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge, is proud to announce their new line of Room101 Cigars ( Originally founded in 2003 by Matt Booth, Room101 will introduce the premium cigar into their already successful line of silver jewelry, clothing, and accessories. The Room101 Cigar collection will be a blend of attitude, culture, celebrity, and some of the world’s finest tobaccos.

The cigar, specially blended and created by Camacho Cigars, is a medium bodied cigar, comprised of tobaccos from both Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is a Semilla 101 that was exclusively grown for this cigar. The Room101 cigar is available in six formats, all representing different area codes, including the 213 (44×5.5), 305 (50×5), 323 (50×6), 404 (54x52x6), 702 (48x54x48x6), and 808(60×6).”

Cigar: Room 101 by Camacho
Size: 5 x 50 (The 305 / Robusto)
Wrapper: Semilla 101 (Honduras)
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican & Honduras
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (18/20): The cigar has a nice looking dark chocolate in color wrapper that has a few veins but nothing that stands out. The cigar has a wonderful flat triple cap and is well rolled. The foot on my samples felt a little lose, but other then that the cigar was very well packed. Despite not having a band, these cigars have a nice band utilizing the colors of silver & black. Based up the oils of this cigar I had a feeling I would be in store for a treat.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): Prior to lighting up the cigar had a tangy note to it that was intriguing. I couldn’t quite put my fingers on it first, but when I began to type up this review I associated it with a dark chocolate jelly ring. The foot of the cigar had a nice rich tobacco note. The initial third of the cigar has some pepper notes and earth. The pepper slowly begins to fade almost disappearing before the third is up leaving a rich creamy smoke in its wake. As we approach the 2nd third of the smoke, notes of leather begin to emerge with a strong espresso note mixed in as well. The final third of this cigar was a rich earthy note with a touch of chocolate and spice.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): At first I was worried this stick would have a burn issue. The cigar had a very uneven burn that I had to touch up twice in the first third, but the cigar burned perfect after that. The ash of the cigar was a bit flaky but held nice and strong. The draw was perfect being neither to loose or too tight.

Overall (22/25): Born in the City of Angels, Hand Made in Honduras. The cigar is 100% Camacho. Smoking this stick was enjoyable and I would smoke one again, when the mood for a Camacho strikes me. I’ll be curious to see the price point of these sticks, but considering the market they are going after I am worried it will be a bit overpriced.

Rating: 89