Cigar Review: Paul Garmirian Soiree


Paul Garmirian Soiree

Paul Garmirian Soiree

I get around to more cigar shops then some cigar reps do. Among my favorites is a shop I don’t get to as much as I used to. The shop located in Princeton, NJ is called A Little Taste of Cuba and is owned by the founder of Tobacconist U, Jorge Armenteros. The shop has a lot of regulars in there who truly get what cigar smoking is all about, and despite the small humidor it is stocked with some great cigars. One of which was recommended to me by regular of the shop named, Sloan. When in Princeton you tend to run into many people with a name that says high society. Sloan turned out to be a pretty good guy though and here is my take on the cigar he pointed out to me.

According to the Paul Garmirian website the Soiree was created in a quest for new blends reminiscent of the great Cuban cigars PG enjoyed in the 1950s and early 1960s. The result is a full bodied after dinner cigar with an exquisite aroma and smooth finish, the Soiree is rich and tantalizing and the perfect way to complete a relaxing evening.

Cigar: Paul Garmirian
Size: 4 x 50 (Short Robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Colorado
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Full

Appearance and Construction (18/20): The cigar for some reason reminds me of a fullback. It’s short, and solid, and looks like it could it’s ready to bowl you over. The wrapper is extremely oily and inviting with a nice appearance to the naked eye. Under close inspection the cap is slightly less then perfect, but gave me no problems when snipping. The cigar has a nice weight to it, with no soft spots anywhere. The stick utilizes a 2 band system with the primary band being the standard Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series utilizing red and white colors. The secondary band denotes it is the soiree, and is gold and black.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): Prior to lighting up this stick the cigar offered notes of earth with a slight spice on the draw. The foot revealed earthy tobacco notes. Due to the small size of this stick I am not going to break it down into thirds. As I lit the cigar I was hit with some spice and pepper through the nose. As the cigar progressed the notes of spicemoved to the background and what remained was a rich creamy stick with notes of notes of wood and nuts that would go perfect with a nice single malt scotch.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): The cigar needed a minor touch up upon lighting, but other then that it burned like a dream. The gorgeous white ash held on for 3/4 of the stick despite being in breezy conditions outside. The draw was a little tight, and it didn’t produce as much smoke as I would like but that is only a minor complaint.

Overall (23/25): As the winter approaches us I am aware many people look for quick smokes due to smoking restrictions. A lot of people won’t smoke in a car or in their house so they look for a cigar that they can finish while walking the dog or running a quick errand. This cigar comes in other sizes and I will try a few of them next time I get to Princeton, NJ. But this stick in this size is perfect for when you don’t have the time and want a quality smoke. I was surprised by the slight kick and I was very impressed by the notes I got smoking this excellent cigar.

Rating: 92