Sunday Links

October. The time of year that most fans love the best. College Football, Pro Football, Hockey, Basketball and the Playoffs. The year has really flown by and I will make a prediction that my beloved Yankees will win the World Series, Boise State will go unbeaten, the Jets will upset the Saints and be in the AFC Championship game, and my beloved Islanders won’t win more then 15 games. This time of year for me is the perfect storm. is at a cross-roads in terms of growth. Last month we had an all-time record with 36,000 page views. I thank all my loyal readers and newcomers for making my hobby and passion a success. I have a question for you now, What would you like see added to ? Press Releases, A forum, or something else. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

The Sunday Links:

  • Cigar Jack has a review of the Gurkha Micro Batch VH-7.
  • Cigar Reviews has a review of the Davidoff Millennium.
  • Nice Tight Ash has a review of the Nosotros he obtained at IPCPR.
  • Stogie Review has their take on the Cain Maduro which I have in contention for cigar of the year.
  • Toms Cigars has a panel review of the Illusione CG:4