Cigar Review: Cuchillos Cubanos

Cuchillos Cubanos

Cuchillos Cubanos

Convenience, flavor and value merge. Cuchillos Cubanos is a 60/40 blend of long and medium filler tobacco in efficient European sizes and packaging. Cuchillos Cubanos delivers rich and hearty cigar flavor without the large cigar format. All cigars are hand-made, double binded and finished with a silky grade A coverleaf.  Made for an “on-the-go” lifestyle in mind, these cigars are the perfect complement to the morning espresso ritual or, an after lunch luxury.

While other cigars will rank higher, this 5 pack of sticks is hands down my personal favorite cigar on the market right now. The Cuchillos Cubanos which translates to Cuban Knives is a cigar that gets right to the point. I thought I reviewed this stick when it first came out but it fell to the side while I caught up on other cigars I had in rotation. So without futher adieu I bring to you the Cuchillos Cubanos

Cigar: Cuchillos Cubanos
Size: 4.5 x 46 (~46~)
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (18/20): Just about any cigar that comes from the mind of Dion Giolitto has a look of elegance and class to it and this cigar is no exception. The grade A wrapper is reddish brown in color and the stick has a seamless roll with no veins and a perfect triple cap. The stick is well packed with no soft spots. The cigar which is in a pack of 5 features no cigar band.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): Right from the start of this stick the full flavor is evident. There are some subtle pepper notes that compliment a warm fresh from the oven bread like note. The warm bread notes continue right into the second third of this delicious stick and is joined by some marshmallows and cocoa notes as well. This stick would be heaven to smoke around a fire. The final third of the cigar is a rich cocoa with some toast notes.

Burn/Ash/Draw (24/25): The cigars burns very even all the way through this enjoyable smoke. In the hundreds I’ve smoked to date I’ve yet to have an issue on the burn or the draw. The light to medium gray ash was firm with a slight flake that held on admirably.

Overall (25/25): I know medium filler is something a lot of cigar smokers tend to stay away from, but this cigar is something that everyone should try. This cigar has more flavor then many long filler cigars and it smokes like a dream. If I was stuck on a desert island and could have a lifetime supply of one cigar this would be it.

Rating: 95
$20.00 a Five pack