Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Special Selection Ruky

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Ruky

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Ruky

“The Ruky,” the latest addition to the Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection. Ruky is the nickname of Nestor Miranda that dates back to his childhood in Cuba. The Ruky is blended by My Father Cigars which is part of the Pepin Family. The Nestor Miranda line of cigars has undergone a blend change in recent months. The way to tell the difference in blends is in the band. The band of the new blend has silver in it, while the old band which I prefer has a cookie sheet appearance to it in the area of Nestor Miranda’s name.

Cigar: Nestor Miranda
Size: 5 5/8” x 48 x 52 (Figurado)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua (Esteli)
Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (19/20): The cigar features a wonderfully dark oscuro wrapper with some significant veins on this perfecto cigar. The cigar despite being properly stored looks somewhat dry compared to many other oscuro wrappers I have smoked. The cigar well packed, but does feel a little light in the hands. The band features Nestor signature in red on a silver background (Pepin Blend), with gold and a purplish brown (The lighting was bad, it’s one or the other). I should add that once lit the oils of the cigar began to emerge.

Flavor & Notes (26/30): Prior to lighting up the wrapper of the cigar gives off some rich chocolate notes, while the prelight draw is a bitter dark chocolate with some earth notes. Once lit the first third of the cigar takes on notes of pepper, with some wood notes and a slight chocolate. The second third of the smoke the dominant note was wood, which some chocolate/cocoa in the background. The final third of the smoke was pretty uneventful as some chocolate notes remained, but the finish was undefined tobacco.

Burn/Ash/Draw (21/25): The burn of the cigar was uneven and needed two touch ups to prevent a canoe prior to the midway point. The ash was very strong and light in color with no flake at all. The draw was perfect being neither too loose or too tight.

Overall (21/25): For me the original blend of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection was far more flavorful. I go out of my way to find those cigars. The new blend, and this Ruky was just too run of the mill of everything out there. Had I found this blend first I will admit I might feel differently but alas my flavor preferences long for those cigars. This cigar for me was just average which is a shame since I like the the Pepin Family and Nestor Miranda, just not as a team.

Rating: 87
Price: $8.00