Sunday Links

ee1I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The cigar community is the most tight knit community in the world. About 2 weeks ago the list of Tatuaje retailers for the Drac and the Boris were released. This year is the hardest year to date to try and track down some of these great cigars. Well, I put out on twitter to some friends that I was looking to buy these sticks. One of them let me know I will indeed be getting my hands on some Dracs, and when they come through I will thank him here as well. The other day I got a message from Jerry Cruz of Stogie Review fame letting me know he was sitting in a cigar shop that had the Boris in stock, with 5 boxes left unspoken for. I called up the shop which has since sold out and took a box. Believe me I wanted 2 but I chose to take just one so yet another fan of Pete Johnson’s limited edition smokes could have the same enjoyment as I.

It is a shame that someone who bought some cigar boards a short time back did not understand how great the cigar community is. He banned me from the board due to this website being advertised in my forum signature. He stated “Would you advertise another cigar shop if they were in the same city as you”. The answer is yes. The cigar community is a community chastised by many and we as a group need to stick together. Stogie Review has done a lot to promote this site, and I have grown thanks to their promotion. We help each other out, and that is how I got this cigars. I will continue to spread the Sunday links so we as a community can grow. The only way we can continue to exist is to join together as one. It is a shame that certain someone could not comprehend that.

The Sunday Links…

  • The Cigar Advisor and I got to have a quick chat this week as my job took me through Pennsylvania so I stopped over at Famous. During our conversation he told me about the Quesada Ltd Edition smoke. Check out his double review of that and the CAO La Traviata.
  • Cigar Choice gives us his take on the Room 101 404.
  • The Weekly Cigar broke some news this week regarding a new Don Pepin release.
  • Nice Tight Ash reviews the Illusione MJ 12 which is due to a get a 92 rating from Cigar Aficionado.

Until next week, smoke em if you got em!