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ee1When I first started this site it was a hobby for me and continues to be such today. However we have grown from 100 hits a day to over 1,500 page views a day. This has allowed us at acigarsmoker.com to begin to charge for advertising space on the site. In the past we used to trade advertising for cigars but that has all changed.

If it wasn’t for you the readers we wouldn’t be able to do this.. so the money earned will be given back to you in a series of give backs to people who have become friends and to those who remain lurking in the background…

So here is the deal…..

We are approaching the time of year where the top smokes of 2009 are being formulated. I will post my list around Christmas, but this year we will also post a list of what the masses think… To have the chance to WIN A $100.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to famous-smoke.com leave a comment with your TOP 5 CIGARS of 2009. Do so in order, because they will be weighted when we tabulate the entries. 1st is worth 5pts, 2nd is worth 4pts, 3rd is worth 3pts, 4th is worth 2pts and 5th is worth 1 point.

This contest runs to 11:59 pm on Thanksgiving Day. The winner will be selected by random draw and will be announced around 12 noon on Black Friday.

Good luck!

Please Note: Only those who leave a top 5 list will be eligible to win. Multiple entries from the same person will result in each entry becoming invalid.

Some people have emailed me unsure where to leave a comment. Click Here and scroll down to leave a comment.

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  • http://tonycasas.wordpress.com Tony Casas

    1. Camacho Room 101
    2. CAO La Traviata
    3. Pepin – My Father Le Bijou
    4. Cubao Maduro
    5. Nub – Cain

    Thanks for the contest!

  • jitzy

    Thats awesome Barry how much the site has grown I’m genuinely happy for you.

  • Rob Gianelli

    1. Padron Family Reserve 45th
    2. CAO La Traviata
    3. Kristoff Sumtra by Exclusive Ciagrs
    4. My Father La Bijou 1922 by Pepin
    5. Room 101 by Camcho

  • http://www.cigarguytees.com The Cigar Guy

    1) Fuente Fuente Opus X Reserva D Chateau 1992 Rare Estate Reserve
    2) Arturo Fuente Reserva No. 46 Anejo
    3) Tatuaje Reserva J21
    4) El Titan de Bronze Sun Grown Habano
    5) Alec Bradley Tempus

    I could list everything that comes from the Arturo Fuente/JC Newman families, but that wouldn’t be fair. Living in Tampa makes scoring these sticks a breeze however, Tampa Sweethearts and the Newman factory are each less than 15 miles from my house. The J21 is an old favorite, and the Habano and Tempus are recent discoveries …

  • http://www.cigarclubhouse.org Stephen Boyajian

    Great job on getting so many hits brother! Keep it up! Good luck everyone.

    I’m not going to enter this one, but I will say the La Traviata, Cain Maduro and Room 101 top the list. The Drac might be, but I don’t think it’s ready for me to smoke, probably won’t be until 2010, and that’ll be to late.. same with the Boris..

  • jitzy

    My Father Le Bijou
    Tatujae Regio reserva
    Nestor 20th
    Opus Perfection X
    Tatujae Noella Reserva

  • http://StogieLife.com TimD

    1) Illusione Epernay
    2) Liga Privada Flying Pig
    3) My Father Le Bijou 1922
    4) Illusione mj12
    5) CAO La Traviata

    Tough call on a lot of these. Some I have smoked more than others but the Epernay definitely tops my list. I’ve only had one Flying Pig so far but it was one of the best cigars I’ve ever had. Just based on the sample I tried I think the Nosotros could be a contender here as well – and we’ve still got the Tat Verocu and Black tubos coming out. The Villiger 1888 is a great smoke and I tossed it around as one for the list as well – I think it’s under-appreciated right now.

    Great contest Barry, thanks and congrats on the success of the site.

  • Ryan-c

    1. Tatuaje T110
    2. Illusione Epernay
    3. Tatuaje Noella Reserva
    4. Bolivar Gold Medal 08
    5. My Father Le Bijou

  • Ryan B

    1) Tatuaje Boris
    2) Liga Privada T-52
    3) CAO MX3
    4) San Cristobal Seleccion del Sol
    5) Room 101

    I really liked the Boris since it’s pretty much the Frank. I was really impress with the new blend in San Cristobal. Still haven’t tried CAO La Traviata and I have a CAIN Maduro and Habano sitting in my humidor which I am going to let age for a few months.

  • Naugs56

    Let’s see.

    1. CAO La Traviata
    2. Cubao Maduro
    3. Tatuaje Noella Reserva
    4. El Triunfador
    5. Cain Habano

    Thanks for the work on the site.

  • Bill G

    1. Padron Family Reserve 45th
    2. CAO MX3
    3. Pete Johnson Cabaiguan Maduro
    4. Padron 40th Ann.
    5. Opus X Robusto

    Great site and contest. It is nice to the different cigars everyone enjoys. Your site has given great information on cigars I may not have normally tried or have known about like the CAO MX3.

  • Htown

    Illusione Epernay
    Illusione 68
    Bolivar Bonita
    CAO Brazilia
    Tatuaje Brown Label

    Thanks for your site and the contest.

  • http://www.thecigarspy.com Agent 86

    Wow this is tough.
    1. Oliva Serie V
    2. Joya De Nicaragua 60
    3. Old Powder Keg 60 Gauge
    4. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel
    5. Cuban Select Extra

  • Chris M.

    1. Oliva Serie V
    2. CAO LX2
    3. Nub Habano
    4. Alec Bradley Tempus
    5. Oliva Connecticut Reserve

  • http://www.cigarchoice.net Scott Heiser

    Here are my top 5. I was actually thinking about this today! Congrats on the milestone Barry!
    Tatuaje Boris
    Cuba Aliados Miami
    Illusione MJ12
    CAO La Traviata
    Padilla Miami


  • Sam T.

    1. CAO La Traviata Divino
    2. Camacho Room 101 303
    3. My Father Le Bijou
    4. Cain Ligero
    5. Illusione MJ12

    Thanks for the contest and congrats on your great milestone.

  • http://www.cigarhops.com Rojo Camacho

    1. Tatuaje Zona Del Este (my FAVE!!!!0
    2. Illusione 88
    3. Camacho Corojo (always a good go to)
    4. Boris
    5. Guapo Maduro

    i’d smoke any of these all the time if possible.

    thanks for the contest.

  • StogieVangelist

    1. Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado
    2. Padron Family Reserve No. 45
    3. My Father Le Bijou
    4. Tatuaje 2009 Regios Reserva
    5. La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami

  • http://twitter.com soxnfinsfan/patrick sherer

    1.CAO La Traviata 2.CAO LX2 3.Pepin My Father Le Bijou 4.Nub Maduro 5.Padilla Series 68

  • http://xjvcns.blogspot.com xjv

    1. Nestor 20th
    2. CAO La Traviata
    3. CAO LX@
    4. CAIN Maduro
    5. Room 101 by Camcho

  • http://aol.com bobbyg

    1-Fuente Fuente OpusX Chilli Pepper
    2- Partagas Salomone-Cuban
    3-Arturo Fuente Hemmigway Signature Maduro
    4- La Flor Dominicana Salomone
    5- Cohiba Magico Maduro-Cuban
    Great site& a wonderful contest
    Long Ashes

  • http://aol.com bobbyg

    Great site & a wonderful idea for a contest

  • M.J.

    1. Padron 1926 Serie 80th Anniversary
    2.CAO Traviata
    3. Brick House
    4.Oliva Serie V
    5. Padron 2000 Maduro

  • DJ

    1) My Father Le Bijou
    2) Tatuaje Reserva J21
    3) Fuente Opus X Power Ranger
    4) Cain Ligero
    5) CAO Brazilia

  • Keith1911

    1. LFD Double Press
    2. CAO La Traviata
    3. Pepin Garcia My Father Le Bijou
    4. Felipe Gregorio Trazout 70/30
    5. J. C. Newman Brickhouse

  • J.A.S.

    so many smokes, so little time… well if it only 5 can be listed:

    1) Illusione 2
    2) Edicion de Silvio Torpedo
    3) CAO Brazilia Piranha
    4) My Father Lancero
    5) La Riqueza (#5 of course!)

  • http://cigarreviews.wordpress.com/ Matthew

    Thanks for the contest Barry, congrats on the continued success!

    1. Berger & Argenti Entubar
    2. La Traviata
    3. 101
    4. Nub Maduro
    5. DP My Father

  • Kurt

    1. 5 Vegas Gold
    2. Punch Champion
    3. Indian Tabac Maduro
    4. Romeo y Julieta
    5. Cohiba

  • Oamaman

    1. Casa Fuente
    2. Oliva Serie V
    3. Padron Londres Maduro
    4. Indian Tabac Maduro
    5. Cohiba Black Corona

  • qlessnchicago

    thanks for the opportunity
    I’m kind of new to smoking cigars, however i would love to expand my choices.
    right now these are the top five for me.
    1. Macanudo Maduro Crystal
    2. Acid Kuba Kuba
    3. Perdomo Habana Robusto
    4. CAO Brazilia
    5. Rocky Patel The Edge

  • Billy

    1. My Father
    2. Nub CT
    3. CAO Brazilla
    4. Liga Privada T9
    5. Man O War

  • JCastro

    1. Padron Family Reserve 45th
    2. Tatuaje Especiales
    3. Fuente Opus X Petite Lancero
    4. Fuente Añejo No.77 “Shark”
    5. God of Fire Don Carlos

  • Chas

    1. HC Xikar Colorado Habano
    2. Illusione Epernay
    3. Oliva V 2009 Maduro Beli
    4. Rocky Patel Brothers
    5. CAO La Traviata

  • Joe

    1. Padron Family Reserve 45th
    2. My Father Le Bijou
    3. Illusione cg4
    4. Illusione Epernay
    5. Cain Habano

  • http://thestogieroom.com Tim

    1. Illusione Epernay
    2. Padron 45th
    3. Casa Magna Colorado
    4. Oliva Connecticut Reserve
    5. My Father Le Bijou

  • Jcaprell

    1. Tatuaje T110
    2. Liga Privada T-52
    3. My Father Le Bijou
    4. Man O’ War Ruination
    5. CAO Lx2

  • JAM

    1.CAO MX2

    2.CAO LX2

    3.Perdomo Habano Maduro

    4.Nub Cameroon

    5-Man O War

  • DaveC

    1. Padron Ramily Reserve 45th
    2. CAO Lx2
    3. CAO La Traviata
    4. LFD Chisel
    5. Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Novo

  • JasonT

    1. Illusione ECCJ
    2. Tatuaje T110
    3. Cruzado Dantes
    4. Tatuaje Drac
    5. Camacho Connecticut

  • MattHolmes

    1. Padron Family Reserve 45th Maduro
    2. Tatuaje Boris
    3. Oliva Serie V Limited Edition 2009
    4. CAO La Traviata
    5. Gurkha Triad Natural

  • Tom M

    1. Tatuaje Havana VI
    2. Nub Connecticut
    3. Rocky Patel Vintage 1999
    4. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Cameroon
    5. Acid Extra Ordinary Larry

  • tobacmon

    2-Illusione 68
    3-AB Tempus
    4-Tat Noella Reserva
    5-My Father

    Not necessarily in this order–:)

  • http://NiceTightAsh.com Ben Lee

    Awesome contest Barry!

    1. Illusione MJ12
    2. Room 101
    3. CAO La Traviata
    4. Illusione Eperney
    5. CAO LX2

  • Charlie G

    1. CAO La Traviata
    2. Gurkha Warrior Legend
    3. Padron 4000
    4. CAO Italia
    5. CAO Soprano

  • John Gemmellaro

    1. Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro
    3. CAO MX2
    4. Torano 1916 Cameroon
    5. Indian Tabac Anniversary Limited Reserve

  • tobacmon

    Thought I would tell you how much i appreciate your doing this for everyone here. Really impressive offer and very nice contest!

  • JoshK

    I haven’t gotten to try many of the 2009 releases. I’m still working a few years behind. Plus some of the 2009 I do have are still sitting in the humi waiting to rebalance from shipping. Of what I had here is my top 5:

    1. CAO La Traviata
    2. Nestor 20th Anniversary Danno
    3. La Pravidia #9
    4. Illusione Epernay
    5. CRC Tico

  • http://twitter.com/shing999 Paul Shing

    1) Room 101
    2) Illusione cg4
    3) La Traviata
    4)Liga Privada T52
    5) Tatuaje Black Label

    Thanks. Great site, great contest!

  • Ryan Pultz

    1 CAO La Triviata
    2 CAO Mx2 Box Press
    3 Illusions 77
    4 CAO Lx2
    5 Oliva V 2009 Maduro

  • tobacmon

    Anything on the winner of the contest?

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com barry

    A winner was named in a posting. When by a pc ill post a link

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com Barry
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