Cigar Review: Davidoff Colorado Claro

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Davidoff Colorado Claro

It seems like every time I turn around Davidoff has yet another Limited Edition cigar on the market. For me each one is better then the last. Formal limited-edition Davidoffs debuted in 2002 and there have been one or two new blends each year, including 2009. But another special-production popped onto the market last week and disappeared almost as quickly as it was placed on the shelves, the Davidoff Colorado Claro. As with the standard Davidoff line, these cigars were made at the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic, using an Ecuadorian-grown wrapper and Dominican-grown binder and filler leaves. The difference is in the wrapper, which has a deeper and richer color than the standard line, hence the name “Colorado Claro” to describe it.

When in Davidoff last week I saw these on the shelf and was immediately drawn to them. While I still like Davidoff cigars, I have grown bored of the regular Davidoff line. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers paled in comparison to the original Connecticut grown wrapper. I have however gotten my fix in the new lines and limited edition smokes so let’s see if this cigar fits that trend.

Cigar: Davidoff Colorado Claro
Size: 4.78 x 50 (Special R / Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Colorado Claro
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (20/20): This stick features the classic looking white and gold Davidoff label. There is a secondary band of a reddish-brown, gold and white denoting the cigar is the Colorado Claro. The cigar features a silky looking reddish brown wrapper and a little bit of tooth. The roll is flawless right down to the cap. The cigar has a nice weight to it, with no soft spots on the stick or the foot.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): Like most Davidoff cigars the prelight notes of very earthy on both the draw and the foot. Notes of grass and hay are dominant, but there is something different here too. There is a slight sweetness in the background that borders on caramel. The first third of the cigar is very rich with notes of wood, and some sweetness that is dying to come out but doesn’t quite make it to the surface. I still want to call is caramel, but it has a maple syrup feel as well.  The second third of the cigar the notes of wood remain, but the sweetness is all but gone. There are typical notes of earth here, but the cigar has a great flavor to it and I am definitely enjoying it. The final third of the cigar the nicotine begins to kick in but the sweetness returns in the background with earth and a touch of wood.

Burn/Ash/Draw (25/25): One of the best burning cigars I’ve had this year. The cigar burned incredibly straight from start to finish. The ash of the cigar was a medium gray and without flake that held for almost the entire length of the stick. The draw of the cigar had a slight resistance which made it a long enjoyable smoke.

Overall (24/25): Yet another cigar that is a winner from Davidoff. This limited edition smoke has a wonderful flavor profile that is incredibly complex. It smokes like a 16.00 cigar and does not disappointed. It is cigars like this that make me wish I was wealthier then I am, because the cigar is definitely an example of ‘The Good Life’. And compared to the price point of other limited edition smokes from Davidoff this one isn’t too bad.

Rating: 97
Price: $150.99 at Famous Smoke Shop a Box of 10

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