Press Release: Zino Embassy

Zino Embassy Selection MSRP: $9.80

Zino Embassy Selection MSRP: $9.80

The House of Davidoff is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever Zino Embassy Selection. The Limited Edition Perfecto treats cigar enthusiasts to an exceptional taste experience and is being offered exclusively to only 55 qualified retailers across the U.S.  These specially selected merchants are being recognized for how they embrace and infuse Zino Davidoff’s “philosophy of luxury” into their businesses—from in-store ambiance to associate training, merchandising to consumer events—and the servicing of their loyal patrons.The Zino Embassy Selection Limited Edition Perfecto honors the legacy of Zino Davidoff and his timeless philosophy.

As a tribute to the ambassador of luxury, Zino Davidoff, and his illustrious legacy, we’ve created the “Zino Embassy Selection“ Limited Edition Perfecto. It features a newly developed Honduran blend that is quintessential Zino—powerful yet refined, spicy and sophisticated with impeccably good taste. The velvety rich smoke delivers a crescendo of flavor and surprising strength, complemented by a savory finish and captivating aroma.

This gorgeous 6 x 53 perfecto with its enticing Ecuador Special Sun Grown wrapper has been produced in extremely limited quantities and will have very exclusive distribution. Presented in a beautifully finished, burgundy 10-count box with an eloquent golden “Zino Embassy Selection Limited Edition Perfecto” mark on both sides of the lid. A striking new black and gold Zino band with matching “Embassy Selection” second band has also been designed. An offering of this caliber demands packaging as distinctive as its contents.

Experience the new Zino Embassy Selection Limited Perfecto today. Honor the legacy.