Cigar Review: Oliva V Maduro 2009


Oliva V Maduro 2009

Oliva V Maduro 2009

What looks like to be a standard release each fall from the Oliva Cigar Co, the Oliva Series V Maduro has begun to make it’s way on to the shelves in various stores around the country. The Chicago Cigar Co. has these sticks for an amazing price of $77.00 for a box of 10 making it the lowest I have come across on the Internet. Plus if you use the shipping code ACS you can save on the shipping of these sticks. The 2008 was an amazing cigar, so lets see if the 2009 fares as well.

Cigar: Olive V Maduro
Size: 6.5 x 52 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full

Appearance and Construction (15/20): The Oliva V Maduro’s wrapper has a chocolate like appearance in color. There are a few prominent veins on it, and the seams of the roll are quite visible but sometimes looks can be deceiving. The cigar has a nice weight to it, and no soft spots. On the few samples I have smoked I had to cut a little more then I normally would on a torpedo cigar due to a tight draw. There are a few stems visible once the cigar is cut which was a tad disappointing. The cigar features the classic Oliva V band with the word Maduro to the left of the logo.

Flavor & Notes (29/30): Prior to sparking this stick up the cigar offers notes of mocha that are easily identifiable while the foot offers notes of figs. As we progress through the first third of the cigar there are notes of chocolate and wood. As we enter the second third of the stick the notes really begin to shine. The chocolate notes become very rich and creamy as they envelope you palate. Through the nose the cigar has some spices but nothing too overpowering. The final third of the stick the chocolate notes remain but toned down as leather and spice take hold of the stick.

Burn/Ash/Draw (22/25): Around the half way point the cigar burned a little funky but I was smoking the review cigar in less then ideal conditions. I had to give a quick touch up to get it back on track. The medium gray ash had a little bit of flake but held on well. The draw is an issue, but cutting it a little more then most torpedos seem to be the trick with these sticks.

Overall (24/25): Last year I failed to get my hand on more then one box, and I regretted that after I smoked a few. This year I jumped on board early and the 2009 edition does not disappoint. The cigar has a lot of nice flavors to it, and while strong it does not overpower.

Rating: 90
Price: $77.00 for a box