Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving This is the time of year where we all give thanks so I decided that should extend to my website as well. acigarsmoker.com would not be where it is today without the help of so many people. So today the website will take on the look of a CD liner note as I thank those who helped us get where we are.

These are not in any particular order,and everyone deserves the same credit so here goes…

Gary J. Arzt, Mauricio Canto of Costa Rica Cigars, Fume Cigars in Montclair NJ, Andre Reed, Robert Arroyo, Steve Faccenda from CAO, Jon Huber from CAO, Rick Delia of Oliva Cigars, Allison from Rocky Patel, Rocky Patel, Dion Giolito, Pete Johnson, David Mallow, Stogie Review (Walt White, Jerry Cruz and Brian Hewitt), The World According To Stew, Tom’s Cigars, St. Pete Pipe & Tobacco, Alec Bradley, Xikar, Joe from Cigar Vault, Cigar Inn, Rich Rodenhaus from Don Pepin Cigars, Cigar Agency, Maria & Dennis from Altadis USA, Tony from Ashton, Sonny, George Rico, Tony from SmokeScore.com, Cigar Jack, IPCPR, Ashes Tobacconist, Famous-Smoke, Chicago Cigar Co., Corona Cigar Co., Charlie Torano, Cigar Outcast, Cigar Clubhouse, Stogie Guys, Sam Leccia, Padilla Cigars, Tony from Ashton, Holt’s Cigar, Twin Shoppe Cigars, Michael Herklot from Davidoff, The Cigar Chick @ Nat Sherman, Zino, Kevin from Drew Estate, everyone on Twitter and the countless readers who take the time to visit this website on a regular basis.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Komodata

    Greetings Barry. When I first discovered your site several weeks ago, I proclaimed it one of the very best out there – bar none. I still stand by that asessment but I have a suggestion for you and all of the other worthwhile bloggers out. And I believe, many of us readers and fellow aficionados would agree with this suggestion.

    Because you and others are providing a great public service to those of us that rely on your objective reviews of various cigars – far more than most of us would be exposed to – please do the following.

    If your review is going to be about a “hard to find to very hard to find cigar”; can you at least help us out with a little legwork/homework on where we “MIGHT” be able to find the subject cigar. It does your readers very little good for you to write a great review on a great cigar – yet if its one that has limited to virtually no real availability – well then you leave us salivating over wanting to try the damn stick – but there’s no chance we will be able to. I got to tell you – its been frustrating as hell to have read your review of the Montecristo:

    Cigar: Montecristo 75th Anniversatio Desade 1935
    Size: 7.5 x 40 (Lancero)
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua
    Strength: Medium

    And I have searched high – low and everywhere in between to find this fricking stick with zero luck. Its your fault that your wrote a killer review on what “appears” to be a killer stick – yet most of would’nt know it since we can’t find the fricking thing!! [-LOL]

    So PLEASE – if the stick you’re about to do a great review on is one that is really going to be hard for us to find – then would you mind just doing us all a favor and keep it to yourself??!!

    Thanks. [-LOL again]

  • http://www.acigarsmoker.com/ Barry


    Excellent idea. The Montecrist is a Brick & Mortar cigar only and will not be found online.


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