• http://www.caocigars.com Jon Huber

    Wow…really a nice nod and we really appreciate it. Knowing that what was just a concept a year ago is now bringing some pleasure to so many means everything to us–on behalf of everyone at CAO..thanks!

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Congrats to Tom M !!!

    I keep thinking the La Traviata should be making a LOT of lists this year! Price + Flavor = WIN


    Oh AND the fact that it is 8000X better than the Casa Magna means it should be cigar of the year ;)

  • Tom M

    Hi, i just want to say thanks to Barry/acigarsmoker.com and to famous-smoke for the prize. I still can’t believe i won!! I’m very appreciative of the prize and look forward to getting some great smokes and enjoying good times. I will smoke my first new cigar at our next Detroit
    Lions tailgate before cheering our soon to be 2-14 team to another frustrating loss. Thanks to everyone for the congrats also.

    Thanks again… Tom

  • Jerry Kontur

    Nice list…two of my personal fav’s on there…looking forward to trying a few others on that list.

    Congrats to Tom M
    And Congrats to CAO for multiple entries…you guys certainly do deserve it.


  • Chris McCann

    Several of my favorites made the list (CAO La Traviata & Lx2, Oliva V, My Father Le Bijou). I would love to try the others!

  • DJ

    Hey: weren’t we all committed to smoking the Nestor 20th? (Shh! I still have mine!)

  • JoshK

    Congrats Tom M.

    I’ve only had half of these so it looks like I have some things to add to my want list. Wish I had more Nestor 20th’s too. I ran around town getting a few so I could share with friends the next week. If I’d of known I was going to enjoy them enough (I usually don’t like stogies of that big a size) I would of kept them.

  • BradinBuffalo

    nice list, the La Traviata is a fine stick

  • http://cuba-recargas.com Melodie Hellenbrand

    Un blog interesante, te hace pensar. Agur

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