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Cigar Review: Cubao Maduro

I discovered these cigars a little bit later then most of the cigar world. I fell in love with them at one of my favorite shops, Fume Cigars in Montclair, NJ. I found out recently my pronunciation of cu-bay-oh was a butchering of the proper way. The correct way direct from Espinosa & Ortega themselves [...]

Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown

I will be the first to admit that the “rare” cigars that Fuente releases around Christmas and Father’s Day are some of the most over hyped cigars around. Yet every year when I walk into my friends cigar shop and he tells me, hey I got this or that in I am all over it. [...]

Cigar Review: illusione ~mj12~

When the illusione brand really began to take off people around me wanted a larger ring size. I guess it wasn’t just my friends as Dion released the illusione mj12 to please the masses that think bigger is better. Like all cigars on the illusione white label line the numbers have some sort of meaning. [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Black Tubos

As I was standing talking to my friends at the Davidoff Nicaraguan All Star Party I saw one of the workers bring out a box of cigars. My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, when I saw they were the Tatuaje Tubos and needless to say I pounced on them. Today’s review [...]

$100 Winner!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment during our contest, I hope you continue to leave some despite the contest ending… With over 200 comments left the winner is… DJ – he will be contacted by email… stay tuned as if all goes well we will have another big giveaway to start off the new [...]

Top 15 Cigars of 2009

Well it is that time of year where everyone is making up a top 10 list. As always there will be a lot of second guessing by those out there as to what made it and what was left off but these cigars are my top 10 Top 15 of the year. I wanted to [...]

Sunday Links

I started writing my top 10 list for 2009 which could grow to the top 15 cigars. As I write the list I realize that I have smoked a lot of expensive cigars this year and for the most part price does matter. Call me a cigar snob or whatever you want, but more often [...]

Cigar Review: Murcielago

The first time I smoked one of these was at the Cigar Inn event this past weekend. Eric Espinosa asked me if I ever tried one of them and he made sure before I left that I would smoke one. One cigar, and I was hooked. So much so that I ran out and bought [...]

Cigar Review: Nosotros

Over at the Cigar Inn event last weekend I ran into Tony from and he gifted me with some cigars, one of which was the Nosotros by Illusione which isn’t available yet. Rumor has it these cigars won’t come out til late in the first quarter of 2010 so I was floored to receive [...]

Event Review: Nicaraguan All Stars @ Davidoff

It’s been a busy week for the sociable cigar crowd in the New York City area and last night might of been the soiree of the year. Davidoff on Madison hosted Nestor Miranda, Jose Pepin Garcia, Jaime Garcia, Janny Garcia, Eddie Ortega and Eric Espinosa for an intimate event that was well enjoyed by all [...]

Cigar Review: EP Carrillo Inaugural Edition

I stopped by Cigar Inn the other night on the way home and I asked what was new and exciting. They gave me a Carrillo by Ernesto Perez and before I finished the first stick I grabbed a handful for review and to store in my humidor. Earlier this year Ernesto Perez ended his run [...]

Event Review: Miami Cigar Extravaganza

The boys at Cigar Inn definitely know how to throw a party. On Saturday December 12, 2009 I decided to head into midtown Manhattan to check out the Miami Cigar Extravaganza with my good friend and business partner Sonny who has contributed to this website in the past. I was eager to obtain a box [...]

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Gran Cojonu

I recently came across these stick in Holt’s and to be honest I never saw them prior to a few weeks ago. The cigar was originally launched in 2005 and is part of the Cojonu line which also consists of the 2003, 2006 and 2009. This cigar has become my go to cigar as of [...]

Cigar Review: Zino Platinum Emperor Edition 2009

According to the Davidoff of Madison website the Zino Platinum Emperor Edition is an omnipotent Robusto, exceptional in flavor and overall balance. Masterfully blended fillers from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are bound by a proprietary hybrid tobacco created from Cuban and Dominican seeds and Dominican grown and finished with a specially fermented Ecuadorian wrapper. It [...]

Cigar Review: Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series

From the Mendenz Social website, “After crafting cigars for over 57 years, Benji Menendez presents the Limited Edition Partagas—a name that remains the pillar of premium cigars. A symbol of of discerning taste and “fine smoking”, this bold blend is a reflection of years of experience and cultivation. This limited production Partagas cigar is now [...]

Sunday Links

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Last night in NYC we had our first snowfall. Big wet flakes, that thankfully did not stick. Christmas is a special time of year where most people become jolly regardless of what is going on around them. It’s also the time of year where Anejos and Opus [...]

Cigar Review: Monte Pascoal

Due to new government regulations bloggers now must disclose if a product was given to us as a gift from the manufacturer, so with that said today’s smoke was a gift from Eduardo Braghin of the Brazil Tobacco Group. Mr. Braghin sent me some sticks for review at the suggestion of Gary J. who is [...]

Cigar Review: Bahia Maduro Vintage 1994

I was going through one of my humidors at home to bring a cigar to the guys at Ashes Tobacconist. To my surprise I found today’s gem at the bottom of my humidor. Now although these cigars are no longer available I was amazed that I still had one left. So once again I’m going [...]

Cigar Review: Ashton VSG CRA Edition

The Cigar Right of America offerd a 10 pack of cigars to it’s members for a rediculous price and I jumped on it. According to the CRA website, “Ashton Distributors will offer CRA members a memorable experience using 4-5 year old Dominican tobacco and an Ecuadorian wrapper. Ashton Distributors Vice President Sathya Levin stated, “Ashton [...]

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