Cigar Review: Bahia Maduro Vintage 1994

Bahia Maduro Vintage 1994

Bahia Maduro Vintage 1994

I was going through one of my humidors at home to bring a cigar to the guys at Ashes Tobacconist. To my surprise I found today’s gem at the bottom of my humidor. Now although these cigars are no longer available I was amazed that I still had one left. So once again I’m going to review a stick that might be impossible to find, but I wanted to log it for posterity.

Cigar: Bahia Maduro Vintage 1994
Size: 6.5 x 54 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Nicaragua (1994 Maduro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full

Appearance and Construction (18/20): The vintage 1994 maduro wrapper has has few veins but it is an otherwise exquisite looking wrapper. The cigar has some oils visible on it, and the stick has a nice heavy weight to it with no soft spots what so ever. The cigar has a rather ordinary band of red and white stating the cigar is a Bahia Maduro and the secondary band has vintage 1994 on it. The foot of the cigar is stem free and when the cap is cut it appears to be stem free as well.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): Once the cigar is cut the prelight cigar is very earthy with notes of hay and a sweet tobacco taste. The first third of the cigar offers notes of earth and wood with the occasional espresso note. As we get to the 2nd third of the cigar the coffee notes begin to take over joined by the most incredible well defined black licorice notes. The final third is earthy with a faint reminder of the the licorice notes that were oh so dominant in the middle portion of this delicious stick.

Burn/Ash/Draw (21/25): Like most cigars from Bahia that I have smoked there was an unevenness to the stick. This one needed to be touched up once near the half way point. The ash was a flaky medium gray that held on fairly well, enough to make me happy. The draw was a little too tight for my liking but that usually is the case in a Bahia which is a shame because it takes away from what an enjoyable smoke these are flavor wise.

Overall (22/25): I am glad I had the opportunity to smoke one but to be honest with you while good I wouldn’t go out of my way to track these down. I would however but at the same time I wouldn’t rule out trading for them again. It is a nice spicy full bodied smoke, that has a strong nicotine kick to it so I would save these for after a hearty meal if you ever come across them.

Rating: 89
Price: No Longer Available

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