Sunday Links

ee1It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Last night in NYC we had our first snowfall. Big wet flakes, that thankfully did not stick. Christmas is a special time of year where most people become jolly regardless of what is going on around them. It’s also the time of year where Anejos and Opus begin to show up from Arturo Fuente in a lot of shops. This year they are joined by some rare Tatauje sticks that will begin to hit the shelves this week in the Tatuaje Black and Verocu Tubos. I know I’m treating myself to an early Christmas gift…

The Sunday Links

  • The Arzt of Cigars is a column written by Gary Arzt who has been very good to this website and other cigar bloggers. He has brokered deals for some sticks for use to review as well as inquire about advertising space for various companies. Be sure to check out his site, while he doesn’t review a cigar he writes about them and the lifestyle like no one else.
  • Casas Fumando has the perfect holiday review, the Arturo Fuente Anejo #77. The Shark. It’s on my Christmas wish list.
  • Cigar Obsession is a site I recently found out about on Twitter, and it features some outstanding cigar photography.
  • Keepers of the Flame has a GREAT review of the Illusion Epernay.
  • Stogie Review has an informative article on what goes on at Cigar Events. I work in a cigar shop on weekends I was part owner of for a short time. I always mention in the store I am going to this event and that event and people ask me what they are like, well here is a article on just that.
  • Toms Cigars has a review of the Alec Bradley Vice Press. Last month we at were the top referrer to that site… Thank you for spreading the love around.

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