Sunday Links

ee1I started writing my top 10 list for 2009 which could grow to the top 15 cigars. As I write the list I realize that I have smoked a lot of expensive cigars this year and for the most part price does matter. Call me a cigar snob or whatever you want, but more often than not price does equal quality. There is one cigar that stands out and I am sure you can figure it out. It has me in a pickle because I’m not sure how to list my top 3. Does price mean a cigar will drop in the list or rise because of it. It has left me wondering which of these 3 cigars will finish first. My goal is to smoke one of each of them this week and come to the conclusion of which one deserves top spot. I will be posting the list as well as the winner of our current contest sometime on December 21st.

A random thought if I may, I drive a lot more then a normal person should. Without being a cigar rep I challenge most reps that I put on more mileage then they do. This year so far I have put on 26K and I am on pace for 28K for the year. Anyway, I tend to go over a lot of bridges and through a lot of tunnels. I have a fear of heights (though I love to fly),  and when I am on a bridge it bothers me when the wind slams into the car or if you are stuck in traffic and you can feel the bridge shake. However, what freaks me out more then anything is driving through the Holland Tunnel (from lower Manhattan to Jersey City) and at various points water drips on to my windshield. Uh, water dripping in a tunnel is a bad thing, and it freaks me out…

The Sunday Links….