Cigar Review: Punch Upper Cut

Punch Upper Cut

Punch Upper Cut

I have a bit of writers block and smoker’s block going on. I am not sure what cigar to write about and what cigar to smoke. So I reached out to fellow bloggers for a guest review. Thankfully Adam from Fire Up That Cigar answered the call.

He was nice enough to review a cigar that I have been wanting to try for a while. The cigar can be purchased from Chicago Cigar Co. for $99.99 a box of 20 and Free Shipping at the time of this posting.
Cigar: Punch Upper Cut
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Ometepe
Made In: Honduras
Size: 5.2×50 – Robusto

Appearance & Construction: The Punch Upper Cut is a nice looking cigar that is covered with an oily reddish brown wrapper. The wrapper has some moderately sized veins to it but nothing out of the norm. The construction seems to be good and only felt one soft spot in the cigar. The band is plain but classy with gold lettering on a dark blue background. There is also a foot band on the Upper Cut that states “Ometepe” which is where the binder from this cigar hails from.

Smoking Characteristics: This Punch has a great draw to it and it produces a satisfactory amount of smoke. The burn is God awful and required a good amount of touch ups. The ash is a nice white color but flowered and flaked everywhere. The body of the cigar is medium to full and the strength surprisingly packed a good punch and yes… I intended the hell out of that pun.

Flavor: The Punch Upper Cut starts out with a nice bouquet of oaky sweetness, coffee, leather, earth and spices. It taste very close to the other Punch cigars I have had but the zesty spiciness is something new. The spice is hard to put into words but it’s like Cool Ranch Doritos had a party with some cinnamon sticks and some red peppers. I know that sounds like a nasty combination but it’s all I could think of at 11:30 at night. Anyway, the flavors remain generally the same between thirds but it is still pretty tasty.

Final Thoughts: Overall I enjoyed this cigar quite a bit. The flavors were interesting and enjoyable; however the burn did suffer quite a bit. Despite the burn I am going to say this cigar is a winner for Punch cigars. Typically I don’t smoke cigars from General or Altadis very much because I find them to be somewhat one dimensional and lack character. This one however, was far from one dimensional and had a lot of character to it. A very nice cigar!

Worth a Shot: Yes

Buy Again: Yes

Score: Good

Thank you Adam for a great review, until next time….

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