Cigar Review: Opus X Lost City

Opus X Lost City

Opus X Lost City

When I heard the Opus X Lost City was going to be coming out from those who went to the trade show in August it had my intrigued to say the least for two reasons. The first reason being if it is new I have to try it. The second reason being I knew this cigar would be hard to track down and I love the challenge of finding something. Well it turns out this cigar was not that hard to track down. I picked up the lancero version of the stick at Davidoff on Madison. I then later found other sizes at Cigar Inn in NYC.

The Opus X Lost City was born in 2004. Actor Andy Garcia was filming the move The Lost City in the Dominican Republic when he decided to shoot a scene in the lush tobacco fields at Chateau de la Fuente in June. The problem with that is the tobacco is harvested in March and there was no tobacco to be found. In order to save the scene Carlito Fuente helped Andy Garcia film that scene by offering to plant tobacco that would be 3 feet tall by the time shooting began.

When the scene was over Andy Garcia asked Carlito Fuente what he planned to do with the tobacco now that shooting was over. He was met with the response, “If the tobacco is good I will use it”.  Well, after five years of aging the tobacco turned out to be excellent and the result is the Opus X Lost City.

I decided to splurge and spend the $37.00 on this lancero and I bring to you the review. Before I even light up I am questioning my sanity to purchase a cigar of this price let alone a few of them. I am only smoking one for purpose of review. The others are carefully tucked away inside my humidor.

Cigar: Opus X Lost City
Size: 7.5 x 41 (Lancero)
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Full

Appearance and Construction (20/20): Amazing, is how I would define the appearance of this cigar. The silky smooth wrapper is flawless. There are no veins to be found on this lancero and the roll of the cigar is flawless. Trying to determine where the seams were had me baffled. I simply could not locate them. The pigtail cap gives the cigar a nice look as well at the top of a perfect triple cap. The band of the Opus X is different then the normal line. There are colors of black red and gold and states Forbidden X off to the sides of the logo. There is also a secondary band that denotes The Lost City.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The notes of this cigar prior to lighting up is spices from the foot, while the draw reminds me of cinnamon and brown sugar. Once the cigar is lit the first thing one notices is the spice especially on the back of the throat. As the spice fades notes of wood and leather begin to emerge on this rich smoke. As I continue to smoke the cigar I am occasionally teased with some notes of cinnamon. The second third of the cigar the strength begins to hit me. There is no doubt about it this cigar is stronger then the usual Opus X. Leather remains the dominant note here, and the wood remains. The cinnamon still teases mostly on the finish and thankfully the harshness of the cigar is gone as it becomes very smooth and creamy. The final third of the cigar offers notes of clove and cinnamon. The cigar has a long finish of cinnamon and some brown sugar.

Burn/Ash/Draw (23/25): The cigar burns almost perfect. It occasionally got jagged, but nothing that ever alarmed me. The ash was typical of a lancero in the sense that it did not hold long. It was light in color with no flake or ridges. It was like the wrapper, smooth. The draw was ideal as well and the cigar produce a nice amount of smoke.

Overall (20/25): While I am glad that I picked up a few I was left a little disappointed. I expected so much more out of this smoke and when it comes down to it I prefer the regular Opus X line. Especially when you factor in the price and you can find the regular Opus line for half the price.

Rating: 91
Price: $37.00

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  • Matthew

    Shouldn’t this be an 86 Barry?

  • Barry

    Sorry Matt,
    I forgot to make the appearance a 20 out of 20.
    The math adds up now.

  • Matthew

    Sweet, I thought it would be higher than 86…at least I hoped it would, at $37! I can’t believe you picked up a “few” of these…deep pockets my friend, you got some deep ones!

    Great review…

  • Rustmeister

    I have to say, I’d want a heck of a lot more than a 91 rated smoke for that kind of money.

  • Mike

    You smoked a regular Opus, not a Lost City. The Lancero is a regular Opus blend and not the Lost City blend. Even though it has a black Lost City band on it, the Lancero is made from the same tobacco as the regular Opus lineup and not from the ’04 special crop that makes up the Lost City. It is confusing and I wish Fuente would have made it more clear. To add to the confusion, the cigars that came with the humidor, which include 10 Lanceros, all have red Opus bands with red Lost City bands.

    Anyway, the only Lost City cigars made with the ’04 crop, i.e. the Lost City blend, are the Robusto, Double Robusto, Toro, Pyramid and New Perfecto (and the New Perfecto is only available with a humidor purchase).

    Clear as mud, right? You can read the background to these cigars at

  • Barry


    That is what I thought but when I spoke to the local rep he said the lancero was indeed part of the special blend of Lost City Opus. Also, the profile was MUCH different then the regular Opus lancero in terms of taste.

    The rep informed me that the information on the website was out of date that is part of the reason I chose to review this size.


  • Mike

    Finally got the confirmation from someone in the know. All of the lanceros are regular Opus blends:

    “I do have the scoop on the Lost City Lanceros. I talked to Keith Park, the owner of Prometheus, about it a while back. All OpusX Lanceros that are associated with the Lost City release are indeed regular blend OpusX. I was told that some Lanceros were mistakenly released with black Lost City bands on them (sounds like there really was a mistake made at the factory). It sounds like these black banded Lanceros have caused some confusion. To the best of my knowledge there were no Lanceros (or Love Affairs for that matter) that were made using the Lost City OpusX blend. So whether they have the red bands or black bands they are both regular release OpusX.”

  • barry

    Funny, I spoke to Senor Fuente and he said the exact opposite.

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