Cigar Review: Opus X Love Affair

Opus X Love Affair

Opus X Love Affair

Today’s cigar review is a joint effort with my friend Lindsay Heller. I know I have spoken about her before and I am going to indulge once again. She just started a website a while ago and we decided to review this cigar together.

I was down at Holt’s in Philadelphia spending too much money as usual when I saw these sticks. I figured I would have some fun with the name and ask Lindsay if she would have a love affair with me. I  know this is corny, but it is my sense of humor. If you think this is bad just wait for the rest of the review :).

Cigar: Opus X Love Affair
Size: 4 9/16 x 50
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (17/20): For me the cigar was a nice looking perfecto. Once I undressed the cigar by slowly removing the cellophane I liked what I saw.  An interesting looking perfecto with one thin vein that stood out on the backside. The Dominican wrapper had some nice oils but there was  minor flaw in the leaf near the cap.

Flavor & Notes (22/30): Before I lit this cigar up it offered up notes of clove and molasses which is typical of an Opus. Once lit however this was a totally different animal. There was some dominant spices which was a new to me. As I slowly worked past the nipple the spice faded and the cigar had excessive notes of wood. The second third the wood notes are still dominant but there is a slight sweetness trying to emerge that doesn’t totally make it to the top. The final third it began to burn hot and it had a wet dirty feeling, that turned the love affair raunchy.

Burn/Ash/Draw (21/25): This Opus X love affair had a horrible burn. It was very uneven and needed to be touched up on numerous occasions. The strong ash was multiple shades of gray but was very flaky. Unlike many perfecto’s that start off with a tough draw this one was perfect from the get go.

Overall (20/25): I had a lot of fun smoking this cigar with Lindsay. Not often can you get away telling a room full of guys in a cigar shop that you are having a love affair with someone as lovely as her without getting slapped. I was also able to tell her she had a nice ash :). This was probably the worst Opus I have ever had, but the company made it the most memorable.  Sadly though Lindsay had issues with her wrapper, and when I asked “was it good for you?” I got that look of disappointment that I have come all to accustom to.

Rating: 80
Price: $12.75

Make sure you check out what Lindsay thought over on her site, The Holy Trinity