Cigar Review: Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum

Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum

Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum

The first time I came across the Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum was at Cigar Inn in NYC. This cigar flew in under the radar for me so I was eager to try it because I knew absolutely nothing about it. It turned out to be a decent cigar so I grabbed a lot more and I am now at the point to review them.

When I got home that first night after smoking I saw online these sticks were limited to 300 stores but I have yet to been able to confirm that. Further research has revealed that these wrappers were grown 8-10 years ago by John Oliva when Fuente first created the sungrown line. The difference between the original line and this one is that the Rosado Sungrown Magnum wrapper comes from a lower priming and results in a milder smoke.

These cigars were rolled over one year ago and have been aging ever since. They are available in three sizes, 52 (5 x 52), the 54 (6.25 x 54) and the 56 (5.5 x 56).

Cigar: Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum
Size: 5 x 52 (R 52/Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sungrown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild/Medium

Appearance and Construction (18/20): When I first caught these on the shelf out of the corner of my eye the one thing that threw me off was the label as it is different then most. The Fuente crest is present but the surrounding area has a new design and states, “A. Fuente Rosado Gran Reserve”. The cigar itself has a beautiful looking wrapper that is almost vein free. The cap had a Cuban feel to it as it was flat and spotting the seams on this flawless roll was damn near impossible. The one negative here appears to be a glue issue as some cigars that I have smoked have had residue on the stick beneath the band.

Flavor & Notes (26/30): Prior to lighting up I went through my usual ritual. Off the foot I got some subtle spices while the draw revealed cloves. The first third offers some subtle spices of which clove stands out and cedar. The second third continues with subtle spices and cedar remain but I also find some notes of nuts along for the ride. The final third of the cigar began to change for me as the spices kicked up notch and the primary note reminded me of a smokey single malt scotch. But what really got me on the final third was the strong licorice notes on the finish that were outstanding.

Burn/Ash/Draw (25/25): A nice slow burning stick that was even from start to finish with thinnest of carbon lines. If only all cigars burned like this one did. The ash was incredibly tight and a light gray color. It held remarkably well, and I didn’t loose it til the mid way point. The draw once the cigar was cut seemed to be a little tight but once lit it was ideal.

Overall (21/25): I have mixed feelings about this cigar. The first two thirds of the cigar did just enough to keep me interested and the cigar is better suited not to be broken down. It is a nice mellow relaxing cigar that is mild to medium. The final third of the cigar it becomes closer to full bodied and the notes become more defined that make you want to smoke it again. I rated this cigar a 90, but the majority of the smoke is an 88, while the finish is more of a 92. It was a nice change of pace from what a regular Fuente has to offer.

Rating: 90
Price: $8.50 (NYC Price)