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The other day on Twitter I went on a little bit of a rant I wanted to extend on here. Lately there seems to be a lot of cigar review websites popping up. Some of them are really good sites that I love to give props to here on the Sunday Links. However, there are some sites popping up where the sole purpose is to solicit free cigars from manufacturers. I find this to be ethically wrong on many levels. I have never and will never ask for free sticks for review, but if offered I have taken them. Due to this site my cigar budget has gone through the roof, but I enjoy bringing reviews to my fellow Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf. It really pisses me off that certain cigar sites steal ideas from established pages and it angers me even more that these reviewers beg and ask for free cigars for review.

What keeps me going is the recognition from my peers like Walt in PA who happens to be one of the forces behind Also kudos from and help as well. However, the one thing that stands out above all else is the recognition I get from the readers either in comments or if we should happen to cross paths. This my friends is the driving force behind

The Sunday Links…

  • Casas Fumando has a review of the H. Upmann Maduro which I personally feel is a stick that often goes overlooked.
  • Toasted Foot has a review of the Pinar Del Rio Clasico Exclusivo.
  • The Holy Trinity has a nice article on some tobacco that is used as wrappers.
  • Tom’s Cigar Reviews has a review of the Don Lino Africa Duma which is something I used to smoke on a regular basis.

Til next time, smoke em if you got em!

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  • JoshK

    Good point Barry. Readers appreciate honest reviews more than anything else. And reviewers who are only in it to secure cigars and swag will find their ad driven writing will find they have no base.

  • Ron S.

    You know Barry, I never really thought about people doing it just to get free shit from makers. Pretty shotty if you ask me. Some of the guys definately do a great job.

    Keep it up man!

  • Matthew

    Hey Barry, thanks for following up on your twitter conversation from earlier. And thanks for the link! Keep it up Barry.

  • The Champ

    That’s one of the reasons why I love being a part of the B&B Cigar Club is because we are just guys (and gals) who enjoy cigars and us three like to put out reviews to help educate our fellow enthusiasts to cigars that they may not know are out there or are on the fence about trying. I didn’t get into cigar reviewing to get free cigars (Lord knows I can barely afford to buy just for my enjoyment LOL) but as you said, if I got offered cigars to try by cigar makers for free I’d probably take it but I’m not gonna openly ask manufacturers to send me their products to review…that just isn’t right.

  • Ron Hollatz

    You had every right to rant. Sites like that have no real value to cigar smokers. All they are trying to do is get free product and the odds of them writing a bad review is slim to none. Since everyone has a different flavor profile they like and any review site can only be used as a guideline. Sites that don’t give honest writeups don’t help a cigar smoker make good decisions on what to purchase. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Very well written Barry! One of the main reasons I was excited about joining SR! I know they are stand up kinda guys and am proud to be associated with them.

    Now they may not feel the same after a while….MUHAHHAHAHAHHAAH lol


  • Tony Casas

    I couldn’t have said it better myself man.

    I started mine as a way to relieve my passion for smoking into words, in hopes to meet great BOTL and SOTL’s along the way. And that’s exactly how it happens.

    The cigar community is far too friendly and trusting, thus easy to be taken advantage of. Along the same lines, the community holds some of the smartest people I have ever met. Just gotta keep your chin up, and hope that all the duds weed themselves out!

    Thanks as always for the link.

  • dj

    I always appreciate the full and HONEST reviews I get here (and some other blogs as well). BAD reviews are necessary too!

    And I always enjoy the Sunday links.

  • Lindsay

    As always a nice and honest write-up, although I am a bit disappointed you stopped referring to me in your posts as a God amongst humans.

    Guess I can’t win them all, huh? :)

  • Barry


    You are a true goddess and those who are lucky enough to know you realize that as soon as they are in your company. Given the chance I would love to kneel before you and worship The Holy Trinity :)


    (can’t wait to see what response this brings from @cigarthomas)

  • Lindsay

    There is no arguing with Barry’s flawless taste in company.

  • Tom

    First of all, thanks once again for giving me link love in this post. I see your point on bloggers basically hounding companies for free sticks. Luckily sites like Stogie Review and many other sites like this one spread the word on relaxing with a good cigar. Their motivation isn’t selfish.

    My story is very simple (as is it’s name). The site started as an alternative to a personal diary or log of what I smoked. I wanted to track the cigars I ran across, and the website was born. It can’t be said enough that I was helped along the way by well established sites (IE Stogie Review). As things “Took off” free sticks and a few sponsors came my way. All the more to buy sticks with to review.

    Your recipe works great and I visit here quite often! Keep it up!

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  • Rammer

    oh damn…..Barry.

    Go head on and worship that Holy Trinity….. as a friend of mine used to say….”you grown.”

    and yes, Lindsay is a goddess……..

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