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Who says you can’t go home? This past week cigar smoking has come full circle for me. With my business partner out of town I have been hanging out with various friends that I normally do not get to spend much time with. One of these friends and I decided to visit The Humidor at 9212 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. For me this is where cigar smoking started, and despite being away for years I instantly fell into a comfort zone that I had not felt in years. The Humidor is not your typical cigar shop, instead it is an extension of the neighborhood and for me that is what makes this shop special.

Random Items: Despite being a Drew Brees fan I predict the Colts 42-17 over the Saints…. I have begun beta testing forums for this site with the help of some friends on twitter. If your interested in helping, drop me an email….

The Sunday Links:

Seeya next week!

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  • Barrybarry

    And this my friends is why I am not a gambler :)

  • Cigar Inspector

    Thanks for the link love, Barry. To answer your comment on the site, Stephen, one of our reviewers, is indeed located in NY :)

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