Cigar Review: Brick House

Brick House
JC Newman Brick House

JC Newman Brick House

Brick House cigars are produced by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company which is one of the oldest cigar companies in the United States. It was founded in 1895 by a Hungarian immigrant named Julius Caesar Newman in his family’s barn in Cleveland, Ohio.

Back in his home village Julius Caesar Newman grew up in the only brick home in the village. This place was not only the residence to Newman and his family, but it was also the town’s tavern. Visitors and locals gathered here nightly, to drink, smoke, eat and basically enjoy the company of everyone. In my opinion this is the way it should be today, but some how we have lost our way.

Cigar: JC Newman Brick House
Size: 6.25 x 46 (Corona Larga)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Havana Subido
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

Appearance and Construction (15/20): At first glance the JC Newman Brick House does not really stand out. The oily wrapper is average at best in appearance with a significant amount of very thin veins. The triple cap is a nice touch, however it is applied poorly. The nicely weighted cigar has some tooth to it and a few soft spots around the mid way point. The band of the cigar is gold, black, cream and red with brick house written diagonally across the front and has a nice vintage feel to it.

Flavor & Notes (28/30): The foot offered some rich tobacco notes with some earth to the nose while the draw revealed a slight sweetness that reminded me of maple syrup. Once the cigar is lit the first notes are a slight a pepper with a nice earth notes as well. After about an inch the pepper fades and the cigar develops a sweetness that I’m not ready to define as it comes and goes. The second third develops notes of wood and becomes a very smooth creamy smoke. The sweetness returns and reminds me of maple syrup. As we make our way to the final third there are some hints of mocha before the notes of pepper and earth return. The cigar has a nice wood finish.

Smoking Characteristics (24/25): The ash is medium gray in color and holds very firmly. I lost the ash around the first third of the cigar and it held strong where I only had to ash 2 more times for the duration. The burn line was not very even and while I never touched it up it constantly gave the appearance it needed to be. The draw was perfect and produced a fair amount of smoke.

Overall (24/25): What a welcome change to come across a cigar of this value. In a world where cigar prices are going up and up it was nice to see something so good can be found at a price so low. With cigar taxes at an all time high I really wish more companies would offer more cigars at this price that offer this quality.

Rating: 91
Price: $5.00

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  • MaledettoToscano

    Nice interesting review. The opinions I am reading are so different, that I am really curious about these. Maybe time to see if I can get a couple accross the Atlantic.


  • dmj

    Good review. I like this one, too ( I would put this in the same category as CAO’s La Traviata in that it is a premium, med-to-full bodied smoke with a bargain price tag from a company that isn’t known for their bargains. But I like La Traviata much better.

  • matt m

    this is one cigar that size really does matter, if you check the site they have the breakdown and i’ve found their descriptions of the sizes to be consistent with reality.

  • Tom Ufer

    I agree whole heartedly with your opinion on the state of smoking affairs. I enjoy the Brick House cigar very much and make sure I always have a few in the humidor.

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  • Doug Maull

    Great job on this review. I agree that this cigar and the La Traviata are the best values going out there for the quality you are getting. I liked the flavors although I thought the draw was a little bit tough. Still, you can’t beat the price for the quality.

  • Barry

    Thanks Doug!

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  • pawle76

    I haven’t tried this smoke yet but after reading your review I went and purchased one. I also agree with the other posters that the La Traviata is a great cigar and when you factor in the price it’s a no brainer. If the Brick House is half the cigar the La Traviata is it will be well worth it in my mind. Another cigar that I absolutely love and is very affordable is the Partagas Black Label. It looks wonderful and smokes even better. I can’t wait to try the Brick House though, thanks for the review Barry.

  • Hoya97

    I had my first experience with this cigar at a JC Newman-sponsored event at Gaspars Cigar shop in Tampa. I can honestly tell you that I enjoyed this cigar very much – and I wasn’t alone.
    The group I was with were all smoking the same cigar and they all were very impressed. Several of us (myself included) immediately bought full boxes, which is pretty unusual – we normally just get three or four of a sponsored cigar.
    My normal ‘go to’ cigar is a Kristoff Sumatra but I think I now have another brand to keep the Kristoff company!
    I strongly recommend this cigar. It’s inexpensive enough to be an everyday cigar, yet rich enough to be an appreciated gift to a good friend.

  • John Werner

    What this country needs is a good $5 cigar. I’m not kidding because when I look at all of the majors rated in that glossy publication we all read I see prices that are way north of what us daily smokers can afford. Is the guy who wants a great smoke at a couple of bucks no longer important? Well, someone at J.C. Newman thinks that there is some middle ground whereby a man, or woman, who appreciates a really good stick can also afford to buy and smoke that stick regularly. Brick House is back! Brick House is a brand I only had heard was owned by J.C. Newman, I had never actually seen one. I did not know what to expect so when it was re-introduced I was an open book.

    Brick House cigars are now back in a variety of profiles. They come in my favorite “Churchill” size and no matter which you choose they should all come in at around $5. These cigars look nice with a deep rich brown slightly veined, mostly smooth, wrapper displaying just ever so slight of a oil based sheen. The smell is sweet and so is the taste. Speaking of taste this cigars is big, it has sweet caramel, oak-line earthiness, a hint of nuttiness, and just that right bit of zing most of us term “spice”. Add to that the fact every stick I’ve burned thus far has done so with nary a problem and you have what this smoker believes the industry needs: a premium cigar at a everyday price that, instead of excluding, says “Welcome to Brick House”. Well done, now is any other manufacturers taking note? I’m tired of excellent $10+ sticks…Let the $5 primo stick revolutin begin.

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  • David Asher

    Just had my first Brickhouse – my first of what surely will be many. A great smooth stick!

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  • Kevin

    I have smoked 3 of the Robusto sticks and I have not been impressed. The wrapper is very thin (careful if you use a punch) and construction is rough. The Robusto smoked pretty quickly and somewhat unevenly. The flavor is somewhat above average, but nothing special. The price for this quality of smoke is good, get what you pay for. Anyway, I know my comments seem pretty negative, but with a little tweeking I think this smoke could be very good. Bottom line, needs some work.

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