Cigar Review: Cain Maduro 660

Cain Maduro

Cain Maduro

I am feeling under the weather so I reached out last night on Twitter for a guest review and thanks to our Canadian friend from the north @Dalamscius we have a review of the Cain Maduro 660. While this is a stick I have reviewed in the past it is nice to get another take on it…

So lets see what Daniel thinks of the Cain Maduro, eh?

Cain is a brand by the Oliva Cigar Company and the brainchild of Sam Leccia which began last year in 2009.  The particular cigar of topic today will be the Maduro.  The Cain brand does not appear on their website but they do have their own you can visit at  The Cain Maduro comes in 4 sizes, Toro (6×50), Robusto (5.5×50), Torpedo (6×54) and Double Toro (6×60).  A unique characteristic of this line is that the filler is made completely of Ligero tobacco.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Ligero term, here is an explanation from the Cain website:

“Ligero comes from the top of the tobacco plant.  Its direct exposure to the sun darkens and thickens the leaf.  Smaller than leaves lower on the plant, it also enjoys a concentration of nutrients.”

Some people tend to shy away from the Ligero thinking it is too strong.  Read my final thoughts at the bottom to see the impact the Ligero had on my smoking experience.  To help achieve a good balance, the leaves are triple fermented which smoothens out the flavor.  The Ligero in this cigar makes it unique to what people perceive as a typical Maduro.  I’ve seen many people in the past ignore Maduro’s completely because they don’t like the sweetness or because they are typically too mild.  This cigar throws those stereotypes to the wind.  Read on to find out my thoughts in this interesting cigar.

Cigar: Cain 660 Maduro
Drink: Mill Street Brewery Coffee Porter
Vitola: Toro (6 x 50)
Wrapper: Mexican Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa Nicaraguan Straight Ligero
Price:  $149.99 at Chicago Cigar Co.
Burn Time: 2 Hours

-Very nice dark wrapper
-Even construction and a clean cap
-Feels a lot heavier than it looks
-Tightly packed with almost no springiness to it
-Initial draws were a little tighter than I’d like
-Two prominent veins but doesn’t look like they will cause any problems

-First few inches were a little wavy but never out of control
-Had no problems staying lit even with a few minutes rest between draws
-After the initial waviness the burn was razor sharp
-Never needed a touch up

-Good mouthful of smoke
-Almost no resting smoke

-Very nice white ash
-Fairly strong with a little bit of flaking
-Lasted to about 1.5 inches on average

Tasting Notes:
-Pre-light aroma is sweet tobacco; foot has a hint of chocolate
-Slight spiciness on the tongue
-Initial draws are sweet tobacco and peppery, very interesting combination
-Peppery notes translate into a medium bite on retrohale
-Draw and retrohale both have a nice smooth finish
-Peppery notes calmed down a bit after first inch and some nutty flavors are introduced
-Body started off near the full range but has come down to a soft medium
-After about two inches the pepper flavor is gone and a bit of cocoa has complimented the nutty flavor
-At the half-way point the nutty flavors came on strong, still followed by cocoa, very nice finish
-Although the pepper flavor disappeared early, it’s still strong on the retrohale. It’s like having two completely different flavor profiles between draw and retrohale
-The spice came back in the last bit and the nicotine kicked in a bit as well
-A little bit of dryness near the end, but it was very smooth for the most part
-Still no strong bitterness in the last inch and still enjoying it

Final Thoughts:
-A good change from your typical Maduro wrapped cigars, the Ligero makes it an interesting smoke
-Great medium-full smoke
-Consistent and smooth flavors with no burn problems or bitterness straight to the nub
-Although the smoke itself seemed medium bodied and had plenty of flavors, this cigar came with a serious nicotine kick that didn’t hit me until about 15min after finishing the cigar.  It snuck up on me and I was surprised by its potency.   This may be a smooth great tasting smoke, but the after effects definitely make this a late day cigar for frequent smokers.  Giving this to a new cigar smoker would not be a good idea.
-After reviewing my thoughts, I realized how much of a great balance this cigar achieved between strength and flavor as is the goal stated on the Cain websites home page

Thanks for a great review, Daniel!