Cigar Review: Tabacos El Triunfador


The other night I was at Cigar Inn in NYC when I saw Pete Johnson of Tatuaje tweet that he was in New Jersey. After trying to find out if he was at a store or an event I pretty much gave up. I headed home and was ready to call it a night. That is until I got this tweet…

@TatuajeCigars Cigar Inn in the next 45 minutes. Hoping to see. @nyisles

Well I couldn’t pass that up, so I decided to head back into the city to Cigar Inn which I had just left. In the process though I got the following message

@TheCigarChick RT @nyisles: @TatuajeCigars ill be there myself in like 45 mins leaving my house and heading back <-Id say pick me up, but I’m in my pjs!

So I told The Cigar Chick aka Lindsay Heller to call me and she did. I twisted her arm (which didn’t really need to be twisted) into putting some clothes on and coming out to Cigar Inn. So with a brief pit stop I picked her up and we headed down to smoke with Pete who was already there with Danny from Tobacco Plaza and his lovely daughter Ariel.

Pete gifted The Cigar Chick and I one of the new El Triunfador Robusto sticks. The cigar which is beginngin to ship now comes in 6 sizes. These include a Lonsdale, Belicoso, Corona Gorda, Robusto, Petit Corona and a Lancero (Sizes courtesy of

Today’s review is based on 1 cigar. I will revist this review in the future if necessary.

Cigar: El Triufador
Size: 5 x 48 (No. 4 Robusto)
Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Ncaragua
Strength: Mild/Medium

Appearance and Construction (18/20): The cigar features a classic looking band that has a Cuban feel due the the simplicity with  the colors Red & Gold. The stick itself has a moderate box press and the Ecuadorian grown Habano wrapper has some incredibly oils. The construction is outstanding with a slight sponge to the foot and no soft spots.

Flavor & Notes (29/30): I made this cigar my first of the day the following afternoon and the prelight notes were of a rich tobacco on both the foot and the draw. I was aware at this point that this was something different. The first third of the cigar I got some slight spice through the nose but not what you would expect from a Pepin factory cigar. The cigar had some leather, wood and nuts to round it out. As I continued to get lost in this cigar the 2nd third the nuts developed a similarity to almond that reminded me a lot of the Boris and some coffee. The final third the leather crept back in with coffee and nuts on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics (25/25): The cigar was as perfect as they come and this is on top of them making a cross country trip earlier in the day. The burn was razor straight with a light gray ash that held very strong. When the cigar was ashed a glowing red cone remained. There was a nice amount of smoke produced and the cigar stayed lit until I could not hold it any longer.

Overall (25/25): I’ve smoked a few cigars over the years that have left me in awe. This cigar is one of them. A departure from most Tatuaje cigars this fairly mild stick has an incredible complexity to it with a delicious profile. I found myself salivating as I relived the experience during this review. Perhaps one of the best cigars I have ever smoked and definitely worthy of a box purchase.

On a side note: I asked @RGianalli on twitter last night for his thoughts as he too smoked one and he had this to say, “Beautiful cigar very different from any of Pete’s other real was flawless.perfect burn and draw..amazingly good

Rating: 97
Price: Not Yet Known.

So at 11pm on Feb 23, 2010 Pete Johnson baited me on twitter into driving back to Cigar Inn for a smoke. Lindsay Heller who was in her PJs got dressed to join me in the madness. Welcome my friends to Tatuaje Nation!

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  • Lindsay


    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the new Triunfador as much as I did that night. If you hadn’t already lit up a cigar in the car you could’ve had this bad boy in front of Pete before I stabbed him in the heart! LOL)

    I’m also glad you agree with me on this cigar’s departure from the norm in terms what Nicaragua lends to a smoker/the typical Pepin “formula,” and I have to say for me as well this cigar was a pleasure. The ash kept quite nicely, the draw and notes were super-refined, and I smoked it until my fingertips couldn’t actually hold the nub anymore. Personally can’t wait until I can grab a lot more of these because this is definitely a cigar I can smoke everyday.

    Nice review!

  • AJ

    I suspect a box is in my very near future.. Will be seeing PJ tonight despite the snow – I shall brave the snowicaine for a taste of El Triunfador!!

  • Barry

    AJ -

    Going to the CI Superstore? Have a great time!

  • Ade

    Barry /Lindsey whats good!If Cigar Inn carry the sticks I’ll give a shot and see what I can pair it with..Reserve a few in the box for my friends.Im headed to Miami with my group in March hopefully I can snatch up some something exclusive.

  • Mike – KnightRid

    I can’t wait to try this one. I am supposed to be going to an event at the Humidour in Maryland on 3-6, so I am hoping they will be there!

    Milder stick, oh yes! Cigargasms await.


  • dmj

    Gotta admit, I’m looking forward to these. I loved the original Triunfador lancero and am certain these will be too my liking, too. This even though Pete’s let me way, way down with the last two of his I smoked: the Red and Black tubos. Both of those were decent $8 sticks…except they cost $15 or 16.

  • Ryan-c

    Holy Crap! A 97!

    My b&m is getting these Tuesday… I know where I’ll be!

  • cj

    So, is this another “limited” thing that only big city B&M’s will get? Nice pic and review big B!

  • JoshK

    These sound right up my alley, I just have to remember to go someplace that will actually have them :)

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  • Mr Minio

    Okay so I’m late to this post but I’m sort of new to the cigar world. I’ve smoked for years but was limited to one type of smoke the whole time and only had one a month. This year my new years resolution was to expand my palette and be more adventurous. In my quest to becoming an amateur connoisseur I stumbled apon this smoke and I have to say the review was dead on. I loved reading about it as I was enjoying the different taste and aromas danced around my office. Thank you!

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