Press Release: Nestor Miranda Dominicano



MARCH, 3, 2010

The long anticipated Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano has arrived!

A new line under the Nestor Miranda Collection label from Miami Cigar & Company brings to fruition a collaboration that began almost nine months ago, between Nestor Miranda, Pepin Garcia and his My Father Cigar Company and Guillermo Leon’s La Aurora S. A.

It was Miranda’s desire that the next cigar in the very successful line pay tribute to the tobacco and cigar heritage of the Dominican Republic. The collaboration brought together the tobacco growing expertise of La Aurora, the blending and manufacturing talents of Garcia and the unequalled marketing talents of Miranda and his associate Rene J. Castaneda.

The result is a cigar of elegance, complexity and nuance capable of carrying the NMC banner alongside the already respected Special Selection line.

The launch of the Dominicano will take place with three significant in-store events. The first will be held in San Diego, CA, and is, actually, two consecutive events. It begins with a dinner, on Thursday, 11 March, from 6 to 10 PM, at The 94th Aero Squadron (8885 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123 – Contact Greg Stenzel at 619.822.0167 or followed by a store event on Friday, 12 March, from 2 – 6 PM at Racine & Laramie (2737 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA – 619.291.7883). It is worth noting that Racine & Laramie, located in Old Town San Diego Historic State Park has been in business since 1869.

On 19 March the Dominicano will be launched in New York City at The Grand Havana Room (666 Fifth Avenue, New York City 10019 – 212.245.1600).

The New York City event is a ticketed dinner arranged by Boris Grossman of Matador Cigars (38 Lincoln Avenue, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 – 561.626.4966 – On a visit to Matador by Miranda and Castaneda, Grossman volunteered to organize the event as soon as he heard about the much awaited release of the Dominicano. According to Grossman, “The event was sold out within four days of it being announced.”

The last of the events will take place on Nestor’s home turf on 20 March at Sabor Havana (2600 N.W. 87th Avenue, Doral, FL 33172 – 305.436.8860 –

The cigar is being packaged in boxes of 20 and produced in 5 vitolas:

Lancero 7.5 X 40
Coffee Break 4.5 X 50
Robusto Grande 5.5 X 54
Belicoso 6-1/8 X 52
Ruky 5-5/8 X 48 X 52

Like the rest of the Nestor Miranda Collection they will be available in both a Rosado and Oscuro wrapper.

The Nestor Miranda Collection is only available at brick and mortar tobacconists.

We will have a full reviews of both wrappers next week…