Cigar Review: AVO LE10


A week ago I was contacted by the brand manager of AVO Cigars with the press release for the new AVO Limited Edition 2010 cigar, also known as the AVO LE10. Mr. Simon then reached out to me a few days later saying he was sending me a care package of AVO Cigars for my enjoyment. Some of these cigars will make it into review, the first being the AVO LE10 which is based upon two samples.

Cigar: AVO LE10
Size: 5.5 x 55
Wrapper: Ecuador Special Sun Grown
Binder: Mexico Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Full
Twitter: @AVOCigars

Appearance and Construction (19/20): The AVO LE10 features an exceptional looking Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper that glistens with oils. There are a few veins on the wrapper that catch your eye but none of them affected the burn of the cigar. The roll is flawless right down to its triple cap. Under close inspection there were no soft spots to be found on the hefty cigar and the foot revealed a nice bunching. The dual band system really catches your eye making this a stick that will be hard to pass up.

Flavor & Notes (27/30): As many of you who know me realize by now, I am the king of getting strange notes on my pre-light ritual. The scent from the foot was simply heaven. I sat here taking in the sweetness of tobacco that reminded me of strawberries and/or cherries with a touch of earth. The draw was a nice mix of a subtle sweetness, grass and earth. I couldn’t wait to light this baby up and celebrate the legend that is Avo Uvezian. Once the cigar is lit the first thing that gets you is the spice which is usually not synonymous with Avo. After about 1/4 inch the spice begins to fade some and notes of earth begin to emerge with a lingering sweetness into the distant background. As we get to the second third of the cigar some chocolate begins to emerge on top of a canvas of earth. There is some wood that occasionally comes and goes as well, making this one of the most complex AVO cigars I have ever smoked. As the cigar approaches the final third I am aware of the levels of nicotine produced by this full-bodied cigar. The cigar concludes with some coffee, wood and a hint of spice.

Smoking Characteristics (24/25): The cigar has an impeccable draw that made this a nice slow and relaxing smoke to enjoy.  The burn line was wavy at worst and never gave the impression it would need to be touched up. I had no problem keeping it lit from start to finish. The medium-colored ash was firm and held strong for a third at a time. It produced a nice amount of smoke when puffed upon, but a minimal amount when resting.

Overall (22/25): When I first lit this cigar I was thrown for a loop because it is not what one would expect from Avo. This was as full-bodied as they come and the high level of nicotine was definitely felt when I smoked it first thing in the morning. With a hearty meal this cigar would be better enjoyed and is definitely one that sticks out of all the Limited Editions to date.

Rating: 92
Price: $15.50

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  • Agent 86

    This sounds spectacular. Right up my alley.

  • Tony Casas

    Great review Barry, sounds like a stellar stick.

  • dmj

    Looking forward to giving this a shot. Avo Uvezian is coming to my local B&M in a couple weeks for an event featuring his piano playing, etc. and I’ve decided to go this time around. I’m usually not much of a fan of over-priced, pretentious cigars (that describes just about everything made by Davidoff…it’s just my opinion, don’t take it personally unless your last name is Davidoff!), but I’m hearing that the man only has one more tour left after this year so I figured it would be worth going…and I heard that this stick would be better than last year’s Companero (and at $15 vs. $20 a stick, a better price point, too).

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  • sirsmoke

    Great review. Looking forward to getting this cigar. Price at $ 15.50 is about same as companero $16 last year and i loved that cigar. Well worth the money as always from Davidoff!!!

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  • KnoxCigarMan

    I had the fortunate opportunity to smoke one of these last night while watching 24 with my friends at the shop. The review is spot on, but I personally would rate it a 95. It is the best “LE” cigar since the ’07, and after just the first (and definitely will not be the last) I’ve had, it’s pushing the ’07 for the best. AMAZING CIGAR!!

  • rick

    Went to an Avo event as well. Agree with what Knox says. I can’t imagine how great this smoke will be with a little resting in the humidor. Just a very smooth smoke. If it’s a full body then it’s a very smooth full body.

  • Barry

    Glad everyone is liking this cigar as much I do.

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  • Cigar Coop

    Was very surprised that Cigar Aficionado gave this stick lower than a 90, yet I’m not surprised either.

    Very good review. This cigar is on my radar to be 2010 Cigar of the Year in my book.

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