Sunday Links

I wanted to talk today about darker cigars in general. The opinions I express are my own and I know some of you will share them and some of you will not. It seems to me that the cigars coming out lately that have a maduro appearance are in a war. The war is who can make the strongest cigar. While I expect certain wrappers to be stronger then others I long for the days when a maduro meant the cigar have a certain sweetness. The obsession lately with the use of ligero tobacco has become disappointing to me as a cigar smoker. Some of these cigars are just about the strength and not about the taste and to me that is a sad thing. I realize that there are people especially in the American market who want a cigar that is super strong but I long for the days of the classic maduro.

Your thoughts?

The Sunday Links…

  • Cigar In Hand smokes one of my favorites the Casa Fuente Double Robusto.
  • Cigar Obsession is a great sight with outstanding cigar photography & reviews.
  • Fire Up That Cigar reviews the budget friendly Tatuaje Serie P.
  • The Stogie Guys share thoughts on the Cuban Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona.
  • Toms Cigars who was one of the first friends of this site tackles the Carolos Torano 50 Years

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