Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Dominicano Oscuro


Not to sound like a broken record but we would like to thank Miami Cigar Company for sending some samples of these new smokes prior to their release dates so we can share our findings. This is a risky move because despite Miami Cigar Co. being one of our sponsors we will not hide our feelings when it comes to reviews. I personally rather risk losing a sponsor then some readers over an unfair biased review. We promise to remain objective on all cigars no matter how we obtain them. I take great pride in my honesty and straight forward nature and I am not about to change who I am for any reason. A rating cannot and will not ever be bought.

Last week we reviewed the Rosadao; while today we take a look at the Oscuro.

Cigar: Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano
Size: 4.5 x 50 (Coffee Break)
Wrapper: Dominican Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Twitter: @NestorMiranda

Appearance and Construction (20/20):
Once again I had 4 samples to smoke and the wrapper was identical on all of them, flawless. The silky oscuro wrapper felt great to the touch and looked even better to the naked eye. The band of the cigar seems to pop more on the oscuro wrapper. Under close inspection the cigar has no soft spots and a well packed foot. A perfectly rolled beauty with perfect cap placement.

Flavor & Notes (26/30): On the prelight draw there is some mocha and spice present while the foot offered some earthy spice. As we smoke the first third of the cigar it is slightly bitter with some notes of leather and a slight black coffee. The second third continues with notes of leather and coffee but as we transition into the final third some notes of anise begin to emerge. The final third the anise really gets strong before giving way to some dark chocolate and coffee.

Smoking Characteristics (20/25): The cigar gave me a little bit of a hard time when it came to burning even. I had to touch it up twice. The draw was perfect, but as the I smoked this stick down it got a little bit soft and the cap got a little bit mushy. Now there is a word you don’t expect to use in a cigar review. The dark gray ash held on fairly well with no flake. The cigar produced a moderate amount of smoke.

Overall (22/25): I will be honest with you, that when I smoked the first 3 samples it was a total bust. In fact I kept putting off the review. However the last sample which I used for this review the second half of the stick was a total flavor bomb. It was so enjoyable with the rum that I was drinking it made me wish I had more. However, with that being said I can’t forget the first 3 that I smoked so I will have to hold off before making a final judgment. I will say this though, I enjoyed the rosado wrapper much better overall.

Rating: 88
Price: TBD

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