Cigar Review: Berger & Argenti Clasico

Today at we begin a new chapter of ratings free reviews. What is in a number we have found ourselves asking from time to time. Does an 92 constitute a cigar that is so much better then an 88 that one should be ignored over the other? Our reviews are meant to give a basic insight… If you like it or not should be based on your own experience, not out experience and definitely not a number.

The first rating free review falls on the Berger & Argenti Clasico. According to Enrique Berger the idea of a fuller bodied Cubanesque style cigar was something he and the Argenti brothers (Al & Michael) discussed for a number of years. The key for them was to create a cigar that would have craftsmanship and great tobacco at an affordable price. They claim that this is that cigar. The cigar is aged with exceptional tobaccos that are both robust and complex.

The cigar comes in four sizes, the Corona Gorda (4 ½ x 46), Rothschild (5 x 50), Belicoso (5 ¾ x 50) and Churchill (7 x 50). The MSRP of these cigars range from $4.50 to $7.50 and today we bring to you the review of the Belicoso.

Cigar: Berger & Argenti Clasico
Size: 5.75 x 50 (Belicoso)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian ‘Desflorado’ Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Twitter: N/A

Appearance and Construction: When you first look at the Clasico from Berger & Argenti you scratch you head and say, “This is to dark to be a Connecticut wrapper”. But this has to do with the how the wrapper is grown, cut, and aged. The cigar looks a little bit like a Cuban Montercristo #2 in terms of appearance. There is some tooth and thin veins present and the roll is acceptable. The cigar has a light feel to it with a spongy fooot and no soft spots.

Flavor & Notes : On the prelight draw there is a touch of sweetness and raisin along with some cedar notes. The foot has some cedar and a very faint spice. An interesting note, I got sidetracked and had my last sample dangling from my mouth and some spice developed on my lips similar to a sun-grown wrapper. Once the cigar was lit the first third offered some toast, pepper and cedar. As we enter the second third of the cigar offers some nuts & coffee with some cedar & spice in the background. The final third the cigar offers some interesting notes through the nose that remind me of shortbread with some toast and nuts on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar smokes like a dream, although it wasn’t a perfect dream but pretty darn close. The burn is incredibly even from start to finish. The ash was very light color gray that held on for ages. I finally lost the first ash at the half way point, and the second ash came off as I was removing the label. I keep my label on because as I smoke the cigar I like to hold it from the label which prevents the oils from my fingers from getting on the cigar. The draw is where we run into a slight problem, as it is a little loose which in turns makes this cigar smoke a little fast. I wanted it to last forever, but sadly it did not. The cigar produces a nice volume of smoke when puffing, and a thin wisp when in the resting position.

Conclusion: Here is a cigar everyone should know, but sadly does not. Berger & Argenti Clasico is a winner of championship quality. Sadly until I got samples of them in the mail from the company I had never seen these. The cigar is rich and complex that both new and seasoned cigar smokers should like.

Price: $6.50
Rating: 90