Cigar Review: AVO Lounge Edition

The AVO Lounge Edition cigar is blended for shops around the globe that feature and official AVO Lounge. According to the AVO website these place are an opportunity to smoke an AVO cigar in a sociable atmosphere among like-minded individuals, and enjoying a fine wine at the same time: that is the successful AVO Lounge concept. The world’s first AVO Lounge was founded in Lenzburg (Canton of Aargau) by Otto Fischer in 2001. For his smoking clientele, he incorporated an elegant AVO Lounge into his “Art Cigar & Co.” tobacco boutique. In addition to the entire range of AVO premium cigars, it offers superior wines and whiskeys as well as an opportunity to relax and unwind in a quiet and sophisticated setting.

Cigar: Avo Lounge Edition
Size: 6 x 50 (Toro)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican Olor, Piloto Cubano, and San Vicente.
Strength: Mild to Medium
Twitter: @avocigars

Avo Lounge Edition

Avo Lounge Edition

Appearance and Construction: This is a cigar I have wanted to try for ages and I have to thank AVO Cigars for sending me a few. The AVO Lounge Edition is easily identified by the powder blue band with the AVO logo. The sun grown wrapper has a few veins but none that take away from the sheer beauty of the leaf that is glistening with oils. The cigar is exquisitely rolled but it feels light in the hand. The cigar has no soft spots however the foot of the cigar is loosely packed.

Flavor & Notes : The foot of the cigar has some earth and spices to the nose while the draw offers some notes of hay, grass and wheat. Once the cigar is lit you are treated to some spice on the tongue and through the nose  that comes from the sun grown wrapper. As you work into the first third of the stick  it reveals to you the smoker that it is indeed a classic Hendrik Kelner blend with some earth and vegetal notes. As we enter the 2nd third of the stick the earth remains but it is joined by cedar which slowly becomes the dominant note. The final third of AVO Lounge edition closes out with some spice and leather.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar burned very erratic. Sometimes it burned as if it was going to canoe only to catch up and burn straight. Then then canoe started up again and it quickly evened out as the ash grew. The ash of the cigar started out very flaky and began to flower. I quickly tapped it off after I got past the loose foot and it held strong thereafter. Depending on which side you looked at it was either a light gray or dark gray. The draw was a little bit loose but nothing worth complaining about. This cigar was a major smoke producer while smoking, and it produced some moderate smoke in the resting position.

Conclusion: The saying good things come to those who wait is true here. I waited a long time to come across one of these sticks since NYC does not have an AVO Lounge. If not for the burn issues it would of scored a few points higher. Sadly I have smoked through all my samples for the purpose of review and I will have to break down and order a few of these online in the future.

Price: $11.00
Score: 89