Cigar Review: De La Concha House Cigar

Someone once asked me in email how I get so much information on a particular cigar. Well the answer to that is I tend to read a lot on-line about various products and I try to retain as much information as I can. The other important thing is to talk to shop owners and sales reps in the business. They are a vast knowledge of information.

Today’s cigar I just found out about earlier this week when it was mentioned by the Manager of De La Concha, Ron Melendi over on twitter. So I made it my business to head uptown on a dreary Sunday to pick up a few. I smoked one in shop and a second one as I wrote this review. Yes, it is only 2 cigars but the blend is very much Hendrik Kelner who produces these cigars. The wrapper is a lower priming from the same seed that yields the Millennium Blend.

Cigar: De La Concha House Cigar
Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Mild, Bordering on Medium
Twitter: @delaconcha

De La Concha House Blend

De La Concha House Blend

Appearance and Construction: I must say I really love the band on this cigar, the shell with the name De La Concha  across it is really nice. The shop was originally owned by the Delaconcha Family before being bought by the Melendi family. Ron Melendi who is the current manager of the shop and one of the nicest people in the industry today. The wrapper is a little fragile and has a few veins on it with a decent amount of oils visible. There are no soft spots, the foot is well packed and there is a nice weight to it.

Flavor & Notes : The pre-light draw to this cigar has notes that are very much associated to a barnyard such as grass and hay. The foot has a similar profile as well. Once lit the first third of the cigars continues to be earthy with some wood notes in the background. As we enter the second third there are some faint similarities to the Millennium blend from Davidoff. There are definitive notes of cedar, and earth with a slight nuttiness. The final third of the smoke it all comes together with nuts, earth, and cedar making this a pretty enjoyable cigar.

Smoking Characteristics: Due to the sensitive nature of the wrapper lighting skill is a must when sparking this one up. If you light it too hot you can definitely taste it so be careful. Once lit the cigar burns very well remaining fairly even throughout. The ash held on admirably with a light color and a slight flake. The draw was just right which would make Goldilocks happy. There wasn’t an over abundance of smoke produced but I had a fan on exhaust annoying my neighbors as I smoked this one at home. I did have some issues keeping it lit but it was overly damp in NYC so I am not sure if that played into it or the cigar was a little young.

Conclusion: Even before you light the cigar up you know this cigar was blended by Hendrik Kelner. The barnyard notes are his trademark and the cigar smokes like his high end blends. If you love Davidoff, Avo or Griffin’s you will love this cigar as well. The price point of the stick makes it worth a box purchase for when you want that Hendrik fix.

Price: $7.95 (including NY Tobacco Tax)
Score: 88

If you want to order these call up De La Concha @ (212) 757-3167 and let them know you heard about it here!