Cigar Review: Paradigm 262

The company’s tag line is part of what draws me to this cigar, “Smoke The Revolution”. Talk about a call to arms for cigar smokers. The Paradigm website has a great manifesto that is worth the read. According to the website the Paradigm 262 is a medium to full bodied cigar that is sure to revolutionize your smoking experience.

The name 262 is reference to the month and year that John F. Kennedy signed the Cuban embargo. Just prior to signing the bill John F. Kennedy got himself an astronomical amount of Cuban cigars for his personal use.

Cigar: Paradigm 262
Size: 6 x 54
Wrapper: Brazil
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Esteli, Nicaragua; Jalapa, Nicaragua & Columbia
Strength: Medium/Full
Twitter: @revolutioncigar

Paradigm 262

Paradigm 262

Appearance and Construction: I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love cigars that have the band at the foot. For one this helps when you want to age a cigar as most damage will occur at the foot when cigars are moved around.  The Brazilian wrapper on the Paradigm 262 is a beautiful and oily. This box pressed stick is well rolled right down to the triple cap. It features a nice weight with no soft spot. The foot reveals a nice bunching and is well packed.

Flavor & Notes : I love the smell off of the foot of this cigar. It has notes of dark chocolate and spices that left me salivating. The prelight draw is perfect revealing some chocolate and citrus notes that I am not sure if they work well together but have left me intrigued. Once lit the cigar continues the trend set by the pre-light draw. It has some wonderful citric notes with a touch of chocolate in the background. The conclusion is yes, these notes work well together. The second third remains enjoyable as notes of leather begin to emerge and the coffee notes become the dominant taste.  As we close out the cigar the final third of the cigar continues to please with notes of chocolate and some coffee notes.

Smoking Characteristics: This was one beautiful cigar to smoke. The burn was crisp and clean with oils coming to the surface as it burned. The ash was a light gray but it did not hold on well at all. I kept losing the ash every inch whic resulted in pile of ashes at my feet. The draw was perfect and produced a nice volume of smoke. In the resting position the cigar produced very little smoke and had no problems staying lit.

Conclusion: At first glance the Cigar reminds me of a GAR with the white band at the foot but the box press is less extreme. Other then that this cigar stands out on it’s own. Delicious and enjoyable the Paradigm 262 is a welcomed addition to the repertoire of any cigar smoker.

Price: Order a 6 pack for $36.00 from Revolution Cigar
Score: 90