Cigar Review: Dirty Rat by Drew Estate

I am back, and boy does it feel good to be. About 8 days ago my Verizon DSL decided not to work the way it was supposed to. My internet speed was down to 12kbps which allowed me to do nothing online. I am extremely computer literate and tech support for Verizon which is located in the Philippines was a nightmare. They just don’t get that power cycling the modem was useless. After 5 phone calls I finally managed to get them to realize the problem was in the Central Office and this morning my DSL was back at full strength. Which is good because my building where I live isn’t quite FIOS ready.

I got a few of today’s cigars from Tony over as which reminds me I have to send out some cigars to him and another great brother of the leaf. I have been dragging my feet on that. The Dirty Rat is a cigar that I know little about. I do know there is a significant internet buzz on these and what makes them different then the regular Liga Privada No. 9 is there are 7 different types of tobacco used.

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Cigar: Dirty Rat by Drew Estate
Size: 5 x 44
Wrapper: Stalk Cut Habano (from Connecticut)
Filler: Nicaragua (5 different types!)
Strength: Full
Twitter: @drewestatecigar

Dirty Rat by Drew Estate

Dirty Rat by Drew Estate

Appearance and Construction: This prototype cigar features a wrapper that is loaded with oils. The dark Habano wrapper from the Connecticut valley is virtually vein free and seam free on the roll. The gorgeous cap has a rat-tail to top it off which is a nice touch. This thin ring beauty has a nice weight to it with a well packed foot and no soft spots. The band just denotes what the cigar is, the “dirty rat”

Flavor & Notes : The prelight draw reveals notes of spice and leather while the foot offers a spice that reminds me slightly of paprika and some faint cocoa. Once the cigar is lit is a powerhouse of flavors. There are some wonderful notes of cinnamon spice, wood and leather present on the first third that makes your mouth water. There is also a very slight underlying sweetness that left my intrigued. The second third of the cigar the sweetness kicks it up a notch with a nice coffee note as well and a touch of mocha. The final third of the cigar offers some wood and nuts with a nice finish that was very enjoyable

Smoking Characteristics: The Dirty Rat is a cigar that smokes really well. The burn is crisp and even from first light to last puff. As the cigar burns the oils emerge even more adding to the wonderful notes. The dark gray ash is rigid but holds on very well for a thing ring cigar. A perfect draw caps off this wonderful stogie that produces a nice volume of smoke with an enjoyable aroma.

Conclusion: As I smoked the Dirty Rat I couldn’t help but hope this becomes a regular release. The profile is intensely delicious and it left me wanting more. So Steve Saka if you are reading this please release this even if only as a  limited edition yearly run. It is a winner!

Price: Not Yet Available

On a side note, I hope you guys missed me half as much as I love writing this opinions of cigars.