Cigar Review: Kristoff Sumatra

After having a hard time tracking down the official site for these cigars I found out they were made by Exclusive Cigars and then it all came together. Evidently searching for “Kristoff Cigars Official Site” wasn’t enough.  According to the website, “The Kristoff Sumatra is a medium bodied cigar with velvety floral notes, spice, cinnamon and a smooth, sweet finish. This very traditional Cuban flavor will have you feeling like you’ve been transported back to old world Cuba.”

I had my first Kristoff Sumatra at De La Concha when the USA lost to Canada in the Gold Medal game and since then I picked up a few more to write this review.

Cigar: Dirty Rat by Drew Estate
Size: 6.50 x 56
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Cuban Seed Dominican, Cuban Seed Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Twitter: N/A

Kristoff Sumatra

Appearance and Construction: Oily. To sum this cigar’s appearance in one word it is oily. This rugged looking Sumatra wrapper is loaded with veins. The roll of the cigar isn’t all that great either with there being many bumps and valleys under your fingers. What is nice about the cigar is the tight pig-tail cap and shaggy foot. The red label denotes Kristoff while stating Sumatra underneath. The bumpy nature of the roll has me worried as you can feel some stems and soft pockets throughout.

Flavor & Notes : The prelight draw of the Kristoff Sumatra offers notes that remind me of barbecue. There are notes of mesquite present with some sweetness as well. This cigar would go well with some smoked baby back ribs at this point. It is so enjoyable that I delay some before lighting it up so I can enjoy it a little longer. Once lit the cigar has a totally different profile. The primary notes here are a dry earth with a touch of cinnamon as well. The second third has some cinnamon and floral notes but the primary note remains a very dry earth. As we enter the final third of the cigar the dry earth begins to move to the background and the dominant note here is cinnamon with a very dry finish.

Smoking Characteristics: I love watching a cigar with a lot of oils burn. As the burn line creeps up the oils tend to come to the surface even more. The only problem was the burn of this cigar was uneven and although I never had the need to touch up it was slightly annoying. The light gray ash held on fairly well but was pretty flaky. The draw of the cigar was ideal and the cigar only produced a minimal amount of smoke. This doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of it just not nearly as much as some other cigars. I had problems blowing smoke rings with this one.

Conclusion: I am not really a fan of Kristoff Cigars but I do like a nice Sumatra cigar. The cigar while a little one dimensional in terms of notes was passable. While there are better cigars on the market for a cheaper a price I wouldn’t shy away from this one but it just does not make it to the top of my list. In NYC they retail for close to $11.00 once you figure in the 46% tobacco tax and that is too high for me to make this more then an occasional smoke.

Price: $36.90 for a 5 pack @ Bonita Smoke Shop.
Score: 86