Cigar Review: D’Crossier Golden Blend

I was recently gifted a variety of samples from Pure Aroma Cigars Inc. Included in those samples was the D’Crossier Golden Blend which is aged 7 years. The website which is incredibly done states, A perfectly made cap and richly colored wrapper make this noble cigar one of the finest of our collection. The construction of this robusto is virtually flawless, the draw is ample and its aromas summon aged wood and cocoa beans. With a delicate burn that leads you through a blissful ebb and flow of sensory delight, the palate can appreciate an intricate blend of fresh grass and rich earth aftertastes with a touch of almonds, walnuts and a hint of salty-sweetness. A connoisseur’s smoke that can certainly be appreciated by novices alike.”

Let’s see if we at agree with the above assessment.

Cigar: D’Crossier Golden Blend
Size: 4 7/8 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuador
Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic & Costa Rica
Strength: Medium
Twitter: N/A

D'Crossier Golden Blend

Appearance and Construction: The D’Crossier Golden Blend single came packaged in an nice white and gold box which was a nice touch, but unless you are gifting these to someone it really does not matter. The cigar itself has a nice dark looking Ecuadorian wrapper that is glistening with oils and is is exquisitely rolled with a nice flat cap that gives this a Cuban like appearance. The cigar which is part of the D’Crossier Diplomacy Series has a nice weight is nice with no soft spots and a well packed foot with a nice bunching. There are 2 bands present with the first one showing of the brand of D’Crossier and the secondary band letting you know it is the Golden Blend.

Flavor & Notes : The foot of the cigar reveals earth and some sweetness to the nose while the draw of the D’Crossier Golden Blend had notes that reminded me of molasses and earth. The cigar which lit without incident offered some nutty notes and there was definitely a salty aftertaste present as well. All joking aside it left me wanting to do some shots of Tequila but this was my first cigar of the day, and Tequila at 11am would lump me into category that I do not belong. As we progressed into the first third of the stick, the notes of roasted nuts is incredibly well defined with some earth along for the ride. The second third picks up a little bit of wood, but the earth and nut notes are dominant here making for an enjoyable smoke. The final third of the cigar I picked up a little bit of cocoa and the nut took on a distinct taste of almond extract which was an excellent way to close out the smoking experience known as D’Crossier.

Smoking Characteristics: The burn of this cigar was perfect with a razor sharp burn line from start to finish. The dark ash held strong but there was one point where it had an hour-glass appearance as if part of the binder was missing. As I got through this 1/4″ section the cigar burned a little hot but it quickly cooled back down after it was passed. The draw was acceptable however it did not produce a lot of smoke which is something I like in a cigar if the mood to blow rings hits me.

Conclusion: The D’Crossier cigar is hard to find as it is a new company but there are a few shops in Georgia that carry it as there distribution slowly begins to expand. The Costa Rican filler provides a distinct taste that gives the tobacco it’s own identity. An enjoyable smoke that I would smoke again and would probably keep a couple in my humidor for when the mood strikes.

Price: $8.80
Score: 89