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Cigar Review: Camacho LegendArio


In case you have not noticed Camacho has become a paid advertiser of this website. Recently I was contacted by them asking if I could review some of there cigars and I was glad to obliged. I asked what cigars they would like me to purchase to review and they informed me not to worry that they will send me some. Some of those cigars were today’s review, the LegendArio. Not being an advertiser here does not mean a good review. It does however guarantee an honest review.

RIP: Steve Faccenda Sr. 1957-2010


The picture is at the grand opening for Cigar Inn. The man lighting my cigar is Steve Faccenda Sr who was also known on the cigar boards as, TOJE. For those of you who did not know Steve Faccenda he was everything that a cigar rep should be, and everything a man should be. Steve [...]

Sunday Links


It is getting down to crunch time in New York state as we battle the government and there desire to levy a 90% tobacco tax on small business owners. In no other industry is there a tax that doubles the wholesale cost of a product. We as a whole must stand up tot the bullies of Albany who want to force feed their anti-smoking agenda down our throats.

As we celebrate this Memorial Day where soldiers fought for our freedoms we must stand tall to protect those freedoms and choices that make this country so great. We also must remind government officials that bigger taxes do not mean bigger revenue. Call you local congressman today or write them a letter. But do so in a polite and respectful manner.

Cigar Review: Aurora 1495 Series B.M.E. Dominicana


During my recent trip to the Dominican Republic to tour the La Aurora Cigar Factory I was gifted a box of B.M.E Domicana from them. Despite these cigars coming as a gifted I decided to burn them. The result is this review which is just as honest as if I had bought them. Yes, this is a disclaimer and it is now required by law to offer a disclaimer on items that were comped.

The original 1495 Series was made to commemorate the 510th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival to the valley of Cibao which is the home of some of the best Dominican tobacco. The BME edition is available only to Brick & Mortars and cannot be found online.

Event: Drew Estate Dinner @ De La Concha


On June 24th, at the House of De La Concha, there will be one of the finest cigar dinners we have ever offered. We will be featuring the Liga Privada Cigars from Drew Estate. After years of making the finest infused cigars, Drew Estate has burst on the scene with 2 amazing premium blends that are garnering accolades from our customers and reviewers.

Where: De La Concha
1390 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Date: June 24th, 2010
Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm

Trip Review: La Aurora Cigar Factory – Final Thoughts

aurora1 1280x1024

As you can tell from my recaps of day 1, day 2 and day 3 the time spent with La Aurora was a chance of a lifetime that left an impression on me that I will not soon forget. It has taught me that learning about tobacco is a never ending process and while you may all trust my reviews of cigars I still have a lot to learn. I will be taking what I learned to help make this a better website for you to visit. There are certain aspects of the trip that really caught my eye that did not make it into the previous postings so I will leave you with my final thoughts and tomorrow I shall return with a review.

Trip Review: La Aurora Cigar Factory – Day 3


Day 3 started pretty much the same as the day before but thankfully with a later start. Despite a 10:30 meeting point some of us woke up early to take advantage of the breathtaking views at Camp David. I said it before but I shall say it again, the breath taking views and cool morning air were the ideal smoking conditions.

Our plans for the day changed slightly as our original plans of smoking at the beach and ogling the beautiful women of the Dominican Republic had to be altered. With heavy rains predicted Guillermo Leon open up one of his farms to us.

Trip Review: La Aurora Cigar Factory – Day 2

aurora1 1280x1024

The day started for me at 7am despite the late night before. With cigars and breakfast calling it was hard to sleep in with breathtaking views of the Dominican Republic and the cool morning air inviting you to awake from your slumber. As the crew slowly arrived we smoked some cigars and continued some of [...]

Trip Review: La Aurora Cigar Factory – Day 1


On the way home from the Dominican Republic I was thinking of how to approach this weekend in terms of writing. After all some added pressure was put on me as I was referred to a journalist a few times this weekend. I am pretty sure though that word does not really apply to me. [...]

Cigar Review: NHC Seleccion Limitada Reserva


On Monday we reviewed the NHC Seleccion Limitada which features a Habano wrapper. Today we take the time to review the same cigar but with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and this review will prove what a difference a wrapper can make in a cigar. The same binder and filler are present, but the outcome is different.

The NHC Seleccion Limitada Reserva like the Habano wrapper are limited to about 500 boxes and can only be bought from one place on the internet and that is New Havana Cigars. For information on the price as well as a link please see the end of this review.

Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda 1989


I guess I will start off with a disclaimer. The Miami Cigar Company is a sponsor of and they sent along samples for this review. This cigar is being marketed as a stick for under $5.00 and it seems to be a growing trend with cigar companies making less expensive cigars which is a welcome sign as tobacco taxes go up.

The cigar is available in two wrappers with one being a Rosado and the other being an Oscuro. This review is based solely upon the Oscuro wrapper.

Cigar Review: NHC Seleccion Limitada


As you all know I am a self described Pete Johnson whore. If Pete releases a stick I do my best to get my hands on it. That is pretty much the deal here. According to the New Havana Cigars website, the project came about as there were many boxes lingering at the My Father [...]

Sunday Links


Thursday. I can’t wait. That is the day I leave with some other cigar bloggers to Miami before heading to the Dominican Republic. The trip of a lifetime for anyone into cigars. 4 days and 3 nights of cigars, presidente beer, and more cigars. I’ll be tweeting from the trip from time to time as [...]

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Decade Limitada


The other day I was in my local cigar shop browsing the humidor trying to figure out what to pick up so I would have something to review. My humidor was lacking new sticks that needed to be smoked so I had to pick something up. I came across the Rocky Patel Decade Limitada and [...]

Cigar Review: Cain F Nub


Nub Cigars are something I hold near and dear to my heart. While not necessarily my favorite cigar on the market I always reach for them on occasion because of what they they mean for the history of this website. More then 2 years ago at the launch for Nub I went to an event where I met Sam Leccia the founder and creator of Nub Cigars. It was his words that inspired me to start this website which has continued to grow since its inception. I have met many new friends because of it, some of who are very dear to my heart. It has also opened the door to an industry I so want to be a part of. While I have not yet found a job within the cigar world, I feel I provide a service to my fellow Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf. So thank you once again Sam for you inspiration.

Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Artesanos De Tabaqueros


irst off thank you to everyone who helped out while I was sick. While still not 100% I am back to smoking and I got my taste back so all is good. Secondly sorry there was no Sunday Links yesterday but due to Mothers Day they took a hiatus and will return next week.

The first cigar I smoked for review after my illness was the La Gloria Cubana Artesanos De Tabaqueros which I smoked with my pal Sonny who has done the occasional review with me from time to time. We smoked these together because I was a bit worried my taste buds would be off but thankfully they were not and we agreed on what we smoked. For those who wonder how many the review is based on, I smoked 3, and Sonny smoked 2.

The La Gloria Cubana Artesanos De Tabaqueros is a new cigar from General Cigar Co. According to the press release,

An Interview with Dion Giolito


Dion from illusione was nice enough to sit down with us and answer some questions as we recover from an upper respitory illness that has prevented us from smoking. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions. As you know we here at are big fans of his cigars. From the original illusione line, Cruzado, Cuchilos Cubanos, Epernay and the new Nosotros.

For those interested in following Dion on twitter he can be found via @vudu9

Press Release: Rocky Patel & United Tobacco

The following was sent to me today by Clay L. Roberts the VP Marketing and Media Rocky Patel Premium Cigars ———————————– Dear friends, I am pleased to announce today that Rocky Patel Premium Cigars and EO Brands will begin operating in full partnership. Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa will continue to operate EO Brands, with [...]

Cigar Review: Davidoff Millenium Lancero


Today’s review comes from @steven89 who has been reading this site for quite some time and we have become friends with via twitter. Steven, as I recover from my upper respitory illness I thank you for offering this excellent reveiw, so without futher adieu here we go;

About a month ago Steven took a trip to Cigar Inn after hearing that We, as well as Jerry from, were going to be smoking with a couple of other guys.

Cigar Review: Man O’ War Ruination


Well the good part about this time of year being slow in new releases it allows me to catch up and smoke cigars that I have not had but wanted to try based on the reviews of others. One of those cigars is the Man O War Ruination. I first found out about this cigar from Jerry Cruz on his review over at and last year I was so concentrating on getting certain reviews up I just put it on the list.

Cigar: Man O War Ruination
Size: 5.5 x 54 (No. 1/Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Ligero
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan
Strength: Full/Medium

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