Sunday Links

What a brutal week it has been for me. On Monday I woke up congested with a slight cough that I had hoped was allergies and not a sign of my COPD coming back. A few years ago I had COPD so bad I couldn’t speak more then 3 or 4 words without coughing. I had to give up cigars for a while, and to be honest I got very lax lately. I have been smoking in my car, in my house, and basically every chance I could get.

On Tuesday at the Davidoff event the congestion got worse, and the cough a little more frequent but still I persevered. Then on Wednesday all help broke loose on the way home from an event on Long Island which I will fill you in about in the coming days. I coughed non stop as I drove home for 30 miles. Yes, non-stop. Well thankfully I had some reviews in the bank, including one written by my friend @steven89 which will go live this week.

Now I know some of the anti-smoking zealots could have a field day with this but they do not have a leg to stand on. I pay for my own health insurance which is more because I am a cigar smoker. I choose to spend my own money helping out the economy in one of the most taxed industries in the world. So I am not a burden, in fact I am a positive to the economy. But this is an argument for another time.

The game plan for now is to cut back smoking considerably until my trip to the Dominican Republic on May 20th, and hopefully by then I’ll be able to say this was strictly an allergy related thing.

The Sunday Links:

Til next time!