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Nub Cigars are something I hold near and dear to my heart. I always reach for them on occasion because of what they mean in terms of the history of More then 2 years ago at the launch for Nub I went to an event where I met Sam Leccia the founder and creator of Nub Cigars. It was his words that inspired me to start this website which has continued to grow since its inception. I have met many new friends because of it, some of who are very dear to my heart. It has also opened the door to an industry I so want to be a part of. While I have not yet found a job within the cigar world, I feel I provide a service to my fellow Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf. So thank you once again Sam for you inspiration.

On May 20th, 2010 @ 6pm Fume Cigars of Montclair, NJ will be hosting an event for Cain & Nub Cigars. In attendance will be Sam Leccia, Rick Delia (local rep), and perhaps Dave Wagner the sales manager of Oliva Cigars. Sadly, I will not be able to attend the event as I will be on my way to the Dominican Republic as a guest of another cigar company. So if you go let Sam know I send my best and say hello to the owners of Fume Ralph & Frank who are two of the nicest owners in the business. For more information on the event call them at (973) 783-3863.

Since I was unable to attend the event Ralph gifted me with some Cain F Nubs for review and for that I tip my hat to him.

Cigar: Cain F Nub
Size: 4 x 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Twitter: @nubcigar

Cain F Nub

Cain F Nub

Appearance and Construction: The Cain F Nub features a Habano wrapper that has some significant veins present. The cigar features the band at the foot which is unlike other bands in the Nub line but holds true to that of the Cain. The roll is flawless and virtually seam free. The wrapper has an abundance of oils that makes this hefty cigar looks ideal for smoking.

Flavor & Notes : Prior to lighting up the Cain F Nub offers notes of spice on the draw while the foot has some dried apricots to the nose. Apricots to the nose caught me of guard and I asked a friend who was with me what he thought and he too came back with “fruity, like apricots”. Due to the size of the cigar and the fact that a Nub is the sweet spot I won’t break this down into thirds. What you get is expected from a ligero heavy cigar and that is spice. The spice is the focal point here and this full bodied smoke is joined by some notes of leather, cedar and a faint apricot.

Smoking Characteristics: I performed my first ever Nub stand with this smoke and put the pictures on Twitter. With a smoke that consists of 82% ligero I expected keeping this baby lit to be a major chore but that was not the case. The cigar burned perfect and the ash stayed on for 3/4 of the of this surprisingly slow smoke. The draw had some resistance to it, but it opened up as I smoked it so it was never an issue.

Conclusion: I really have mixed emotions on the Cain and I have taken some heat from some friends about it. The overall strength of this cigar really overpowers the flavor but you smoke a Cain for the strength first. Those who knock me say that the flavor is there and that I am just not getting it because I am not a full bodied cigar smoker. I tend to disagree with that but I say grab a few of these and see for yourself. It is definitely a cigar I will smoke again as i did enjoy it, but be forewarned this is a power house.

Price: Available only at Nub Events
Score: 89

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  • Agent 86

    I envy you my friend. We don’t even have Cain around my area.

  • cigarsarge

    I really am torn about this cigar. I don’t buy into the Nub hype but I really like the Cain lineup. I’ll try one if I can find it.

  • JoshK

    Fume is a great place. If I lived a little closer I’d be there all the time. Will try to make the NUB event though.

    A 54 ring gauge is somewhat small for a Nub, good job with the nub stand.

  • http://ExecutiveCigarsLLConfacebook Brian

    Just haad Sam and his traveling show here in Pittsbugh at Executive Cigars, LLC. What a great event, Sam’s a rock star and everyone enjoyed him and more so the Cain F. Keep your honest reviews coming Bor.

  • http://ExecutiveCigarsLLConfacebook Brian

    Wish I could type better

  • WhamIAmtheMan

    if it is a NUB should not be at least a 60 ring? at a 54 ring it seems to be only a short robusto or corona….. i’m just sayin’…………..also, how much do she cost?

    And as ALWAYS……. great review, Barry.

  • ryan

    I will most likely be attending the event at Fume. What events and deals will Sam have at the event?

  • Zac

    I can’t wait to try this one. I’m a huge Nub fan but this sounds like it could knock my socks and shoes off.

  • Leo Chilson

    I tried one thinking it would be a quick smoke while I waited for a ride. 2 hours later it was still burning nice and even, and tasted great. Two thumbs up for one of my now favorite cigars>

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