Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda 1989


I guess I will start off with a disclaimer. The Miami Cigar Company is a sponsor of and they sent along samples for this review. This cigar is being marketed as a stick for under $5.00 and it seems to be a growing trend with cigar companies making less expensive cigars which is a welcome sign as tobacco taxes go up.

The cigar is available in two wrappers with one being a Rosado and the other being an Oscuro. This review is based solely upon the Oscuro wrapper.

To read more on the cigar check out the Press Release on the 1989.

Cigar: Nestor Miranda 1989
Size: 6 x 52
Wrapper: Nicarguan Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Jalapa)
Strength: Mild/Medium
Twitter: @miamicigar

Nestor Miranda 1989

Nestor Miranda 1989

Appearance and Construction: The first thing I noticed on these cigars was the over-sized large band that reminded me of a festival or celebration and I guess that fits the bill here since 1989 is the year Nestor Miranda founded Miami Cigar Co. After that when one looks at the cigar they see that there an abundance of veins as well as a slightly porous roll. There is some tooth present and this light weight cigar has a loosely packed foot.

Flavor & Notes : I was still eager to try this slightly oily stick despite the appearance not being all that. There is a saying that is beauty is only skin deep so I clipped the cap and began the pre-light ritual. Both the draw and the foot offered the same notes of tobacco and a slight earth. Simple, but pleasant. Once lit the cigar was consistent all the way through. The 1st, 2nd and final 3rd of the cigar offered notes of nuts, coffee and earth. The finish offered some slight spice as well. The notes never really over-powering but they were there.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar had a very loose draw with a fairly even burn. At times it did seem like it might get out of hand but it corrected itself. The Nestor Miranda 1989 had a dark ash that did not hold as long as one would like and I wound up with a lap full  on a few occasions. The cigar did produce a nice volume of smoke but the experience ended quickly as this was a fast smoking stick.

Conclusion: This cigar was like some women I know, fast & loose. But sometimes we want that quick fix and the Nestor Miranda 1989 left me satisfied. However, I would love to see these rolled a little tighter so they would be more packed. The cigar had a 52 ring gauge but I felt like there was only enough tobacco for a 48 to 50. Despite this if I was on a budget (and I should be!) I would smoke the Nestor Miranda 1989 Oscuro again for sure.

Price: $5.00
Score: 88

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  • dmjones

    Smoked one of these the other night and found it to be pretty decent, especially for $5. A couple notes:

    According to Nestor Miranda and the Miami rep who were at my local B&M last week, this is a mixed filler stick (2/3 long filler, 1/3 medium) in order to keep the price down. That explains the loose fill and draw you (and I) experienced.

    That’s an Oscuro? Really? I already thought the Dominicano Oscuro was the lightest oscuro wrapper I’d ever seen but your picture is showing something two shades lighter than what I’d call medium brown. Since “oscuro” means “dark” and even Wikipedia’s cigar entry describes an oscuro wrapper as “very black” it makes me wonder what’s up with Miami Cigar & Co lately–are they trying to redefine terms?

    Overall, I liked the 1989. I got 4 of them at CigarFest and have smoked two of them already. While it’s not a cigar that makes me go “WOW” it is a very decent smoke for a more than decent price.

  • Dominica CigarMan

    Since this is a miami cigar I thought it might be the place for me to pose a miami cigar question. I am moving to Miami in a few months from the Caribbean, and if anybody can suggest a few places I need to go to replenish my dwindling collection its you folks on here. Any recommendations? I’m a surgeon and thus have some what limited free time so I would prefer to visit places with larger selections.

  • Zac

    I found this cigar really opened up after the 1st third. I wasn’t really tasting much beyond your standard spicy tobacco and then pow! all the hidden flavor revealed itself. Perhaps it was a function of the quick burn, which I experienced as well.

    I preferred the Rosado wrapper… somehow the milder body allowed the subtle flavors to really sing, and the fast burn was something that I could actually enjoy, as I’m partial to burns that are easy… almost too easy!

  • dmjones

    To add to my comments regarding the Oscuro vs. Rosado wrappers above: My local B&M started carrying the 1989 last week and I got to see an Oscuro in person. It is significantly darker than the Rosado wrapper in this case (darker, in fact, than the Oscuro they use on the Dominicano and possible darker than the Special Selection). For the 1989 there is absolutely no mistaking the Oscuro for the Rosado. From the pictures you included with this review, that definitely appears to be the Rosado; either that or you had the flash turned up to “vaporize” level on your camera. The Oscuro I bought is much, much darker than that.

  • Barry


    I can only go by what the manufacturer tells me, the cigar was an oscuro and was darker then the photo showed it to be. I am not a professional photographer.


  • Dannyboy

    For the price, one can do much better. It has too little tobacco and barnyard flavor, I hope he ceases production of this crap. It only hurts his name…by the way, I love the Special Selection.

  • Cigar Lover

    I smoked the first third and was not impressed. It reminded me of the “Nestor Miranda Special Selection” but with a simple flavor that burned quickly. I did not think the taste would change much in 2nd and 3rd of the cigar so I took it apart. What I found was a cigar filled with what looks to be short filler (scraps). This is probably why it burns so quickly. I also noticed small green dots all over the binding wrapper, the wrapper just beneath the outside wrapper. I hope this is not going to be a trend with $5 cigars (scrap fillings). Great aroma but extremely disappointed with the construction of the cigar.

  • Barry

    The cigar is advertised as a short/medium filler cigar. However there are other Short Filler/Medium Filler cigars on the market that do not burn as slow.

  • Jeff

    I happen to be smoking my first 1989 right now, and I say it is an o.k. cigar or better than o.k. it’s not bad. Spice off the bat and very good draw, white ash, but a soft ash. Clean finish without much after notes. I would like it to have more layers of flavor but not bad.

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