RIP: Steve Faccenda Sr. 1957-2010


The picture is at the grand opening for Cigar Inn. The man lighting my cigar is Steve Faccenda Sr who was also known on the cigar boards as, TOJE. For those of you who did not know Steve Faccenda he was everything that a cigar rep should be, and everything a man should be. Steve had the heart of a giant. His warm personality, phenomenal advice and all around being will be forever missed.

When I first found out Steve had cancer he approached me and said, “I have good news and bad news, which do you want first.” I said the good news and his response was “In 2 years you might be the next CAO Sales Rep.” I asked him what was the bad news and he said, “I’ll be dead in 2 years”.

We kept in touch via the phone and the occasional email on facebook. Last month Steve requested him and I get together for a smoke and I knew this was not a good sign so I met with him at Fume Cigars in NJ and despite knowing that the end was near he was his usual jovial self. He leaned in to me and whispered, “Barry when I die you have my blessing to apply for my job”. I told him Steve stop talking like that you will defeat this and he looked at me, and shook his head and said, “I know what is coming”.

I share these two stories with you because I want you to know how Steve was brave despite what he was facing. I share these stories in hopes you will get an insight to how strong of a man he was. I was happy to call Steve a friend and blessed to have known him. I will miss Steve but I find comfort in knowing that every cigar smoker has gained a guardian angel.

Love you Steve!

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  • aj

    Sorry to hear Barry. Sincere condolences.


  • John Celidonio

    Very nice write-up. I met Steve a couple of times and he was a truly nice person. Farewell to a true BOTL.

  • http://n/a Mikey Paint

    I have known Steve for a couple years,Forums.Sorry to hear he died.He was a great part of the cigar community.RIP Steve.

  • Israel Markevitz

    Thank you for a great write up on a greater man. Steve will be missed by many.

  • http://HemingwaysCigarShopMarltonNJ Vince L

    Steve was more than just my CAO rep. He was my friend and a gentleman. Steve and I shared many cigars in my shop and we talked about many things including the loss of my sister and my mom. He was always there for me and I have a hole in my heart. I have many great memories of Steve. He was a gentlemans gentleman and one of the few straight shooters in the cigar industry. My thoughts and prayers go out to Steves family and friends.
    If anyone knows what the arrangement are please let me know, I would like to attend.
    Vince Lombardo
    Hemingways Cigar Shop Marlton NJ
    856 985 7580

  • Barry

    Not just the epitome of a cigar rep, but the epitome of a human being. He brightened up any day when he came to the store. God needed a good companion so he chose the best, much too early. This truly is a sad day for me. My heart goes out to his family.

  • deke

    As Steve’s cousin, I’m touched by all the nice comments. We worked together for a bit; Steve was a guys guy who loved his wife and his children. It’s all very, very sad.

  • Tom

    Barry – My condolences on the loss of your friend. It sounds like you were fortunate to know him.

  • Mike Hlatke

    That is just horrible news. I was supposed to see Steve at the Intrepid Fund event a couple of weeks ago but on that day they said he was sick but that was all. I had no idea. I only met him 4 or 5 times over the past few years but he always knew me, was incredibly friendly, generous and just a fantastic rep for CAO/Torano. Before I had even met him, he was also one of the first people to bomb me back in the early days of Cigar Live. He will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

  • Adam

    My condolences Barry. He sounds like a faboulos person to have known and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • Charlie “Stogieman” Baranyai

    Thanks for posting the story Barry, I know it was tough. Steve a dear friend to me and we were like two peas in a pod. We would call each other through the years just to see how things are going. I too loved the man and he will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

  • Keith

    Going to miss him…he was a great person and had such a wonderful ya brother

  • Chris McCann

    Barry, thank you for sharing this tribute to your dear friend. My condolences to Steve’s family and friends.

  • DanB

    I was saddened to get the news this morning that Toje had passed away. We haven’t spoken much in the last few years but there was a time when we spoke every week, if not daily. He was a very generous and positive person and it always brightened my day to hear from him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and kids. Toje, you’ll be missed my friend.

  • Se7en_Vandalay

    I’m not sure what I can add. I’m terribly saddened with Steve’s passing. Thank you for writing this Barry.

  • Mario M

    This is sad news indeed. I have known Steve for a number of years. What a great guy. And as Barry mentioned, an incredible person. When I first found out about the cancer, I was in stock and couldn’t believe it. I reached out to him right away and we spoke about it. I was hoping with the updates he was giving that there was a chance to beat it. Steve will be deeply missed….

  • Brian

    I can’t say I knew Steve, though I did meet him at IPCPR and am familiar with his cigar forum handle… By all reports, a great guy. I’m very sorry to hear the news.

  • Sam Tramontana

    Steve was a great man, he always had a smile on his face ever time I saw him even after losing all his hair and a lot of weight. He waited for my wife and I to get to an event he was at last year despite being as sick as he was he just had to see the baby and hold her. I am still shocked when he handed me a box of Torano’s for my daughters birth last Aug. I know this household will miss his friendship and we will always have love in our hearts for him.

  • David Savona

    Heartfelt tribute. Sad loss, Steve was a very nice guy. RIP.

  • Patrick Ring

    Steve was a great guy, met him several times at both cigar events and just having a good smoke. I was shocked to learn of his death. He will sorely be missed. My prayers go out to his family.

  • delarob

    I didn’t know Steve all that well, but met him a couple times here and there over the years. It amazed me how he remembered who I was and treated me just like his good friends each and every time. I’m glad I got a chance to meet him and am sorry I didn’t get to know him better.

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