Sunday Links

It is getting down to crunch time in New York state as we battle the government and there desire to levy a 90% tobacco tax on small business owners. In no other industry is there a tax that doubles the wholesale cost of a product. We as a whole must stand up tot the bullies of Albany who want to force feed their anti-smoking agenda down our throats.

As we celebrate this Memorial Day where soldiers fought for our freedoms we must stand tall to protect those freedoms and choices that make this country so great. We also must remind government officials that bigger taxes do not mean bigger revenue.  Call you local congressman today or write them a letter. But do so in a polite and respectful manner.

For more information read the NYTA Call To Action.

The Sunday Links…

  • Dogwatch Radio gives us a podcast of the La Aurora Trip Factory Tour.
  • Casas Fumas reviews of the EP Carillo Short Run.
  • Toasted Foot smokes the Alec Bradley Havana Sun Grown.
  • Cigar Reader has a good video featuring Jose Blanco on what effects a cigar.
  • Stogie Guys has some nice pictures from our recent trip.