Cigar Review: Old School Cigars

A few weeks back I went to an event at Tobacco Plaza on Long Island, NY for the launch of the La Aurora 107. Prior to the event I was speaking with Danny one of the owners and one of the guys behind Old School Cigars about how his cigars are now produced by Alec Bradley and have been tweaked some. I was eager to try one but I was suffering from a cold and a brutal cough that prevented me from taking them in. Danny who is one of the nicest guys in the business was nice enough to gift me 3 of these despite my offer to buy them for review.

Danny is one of those guys who is well connected to the industry and if there is an event going on that features any of the biggest names in the business chances are it will be at his place in Great Neck and if it isn’t he will show up at that event to give support to the community. I’ve had the honor of smoking with him and his lovely daughter on numerous occasions and there always seems to be a good memory attached to the moment.

This isn’t the first Old School cigar I have smoked, the Original blend which was made by Puros Armondos in Ecuador just failed to do it for me. In fact Danny was taking a big risk offering me these samples for review, but he was ecstatic about the new blend so let’s see if I feel the same way…

Cigar: Old School Cigars Original
Size: 6 x 60 (The Duke)
Wrapper: Mexico
Binder: Indonesia/ Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa) & Honduras ( Trojes)
Strength: Full
Facebook: Tobacco Plaza

Old School Cigars Original

Appearance and Construction: A few things caught my eye about this cigar right off the bat. The first is the label which features a nice old school B on it reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It takes me back to when baseball was a game, long before I was born but something I have long since a fan of. The second thing is how incredibly dark and oily this cigar is. And finally how well rolled this cigar is. The wrapper sports some minor veins that do not stand out and the wrapper has some of those magnesium bumps that usually means you got a good cigar on your hands. There are no soft spots present but the cigar feels very light in your hands considering the size.

Flavor & Notes : The prelight draw offers some wonderfully sweet notes of mocha/cocoa and a touch of cedar while the foot serves up some more cedar to the nose with a hint of spice. Once lit the first third of the cigar offers an abundance of licorice notes which are mixed in with some wood and leather giving the cigar a really nice complexity. The second third the licorice notes have faded and the wood begins to take center stage. There is a slight cocoa/mocha note floating around in the background waiting for it’s chance to step up to the plate. The final third of the cigar the cocoa/mocha (yes I can’t decide which it is!) evolve and are more prevalent with a subtle leather and cedar on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: This 60 ring beauty smoked perfectly. The burn line while not straight 100% of the time burned evenly from initial light to final pull. The medium gray ash held on very strong and I did not lose the initial ash til the half way point. There was no flake and it was very smooth looking. The draw may of been a little bit loose, but for me this was not a problem. The cigar did produce massive amounts of smoke with a pleasant aroma.

Conclusion: The cigar comes in 4 sizes; The Pee Wee (5 x 54), Campy (6 x 54/Torpedo), Gil (6 x 54), and The Duke (6 x 60). While I only smoked one size 3 different times the conclusion was the same. This cigar is ready to be called up to the major leagues. A dramatic improvement in my opinion over the previous blend. A very complex flavor profile adorns this full flavor cigar that was of championship quality.

Price: $8.00 before taxes.
Score: 92

Another Cigar by Old School Cigar Company is the Stixxx which I have reviewed in the past.