Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo Short Run

I was a fan of the Inaugural Edition of the EP Carrillo and when I heard the Short Run was coming out I had to get my hands on it. I really like what Mr. Carrillo is doing with his line of cigars and even though I hate limited run cigars from the standpoint of, if I love them I am damn pissed that they will soon be gone. However with this cigar they will be released yearly in limited numbers of 108,000 sticks produced.

Cigar: EP Carrillo Short Run
Size: 5.78 x 52 (Delirios)
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium/Full
Twitter: @EPCarrillo

E.P. Carrillo Short Run

E.P. Carrillo Short Run (Robusto Pictured)

Appearance and Construction: The E.P. (Ernesto Perez) Carillo Short Run has a nice looking Sumatra wrapper that has some oils visible. There are some veins present with a few that are ever so slightly raised but none of them really hurt the overall aesthetics of the cigar. The toro sized vitolo  is well rolled right down to its rounded cap that came off cleanly when cut. The weight of the stick a little bit light but offers no soft spots and a nicely packed foot. There is a dual band on this cigar with the primary offering the up some wonderful colors with the red and gold EP logo while the secondary band denotes the “Short Run”.

Flavor & Notes: Prior to lighting up I was really intrigued by what this smoke had to offer which was some of my favorite pre-light notes. The foot of the cigar was a nice mesquite taste with a touch of spice while the draw served up wood notes and a touch of sweetness. Once the cigar is lit one is introduced to some spice that is noticeable especially through the nose. The spice lingers as the dominating taste for about and inch before the stick opens up to some wonderful notes of cinnamon and some subtle wood. As we approach the second third of the cigar I pick up the occasional notes of bread with a continued cinnamon and a very faint caramel. What really has me hooked is the distinct notes of cinnamon. Just before we reached the final third of the stick I picked up some some notes of dark chocolate that slowly began to take control. As we entered the final third of this complex smoke the cinnamon was reduced to a subtle note as dark chocolate, wood and spice took control with a slight leather on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: Sometimes you will see me mention a carbon line and generally speaking the thinner the carbon line the more aged the tobacco. I am told that this cigar is from the 2007-2008 crop of tobacco (wrapper) and that it was fermented for 90 days before it was allowed to sit for 3 more months. The burn is slightly jagged at times and perfect at others. The ash is as light in color as they come and it also holds on quite well. I have kept the ash for more then half the stick at a time on a regular basis. By keeping the ash on you help your cigar burn cooler and that in turn enhances the experience of any cigar. The draw was superb and it produced ample amounts of smoke that had a nice aroma to it.

Conclusion: If you follow me on twitter you would of noticed that over the last week or so I could not get enough of these cigars. The profile of the cigar is right in my comfort zone and is easily in then running for a placement in top cigars of 2010. This stick should also please those who thought the inaugural edition was to mild of lacked complexity.

Rating: 92
Price: $7.00 MSRP