Sunday Links

Father’s Day. A day to spend with dad either in person or in spirit. Today i reflect back on the days I spent with my dad when he was still alive. I remember the times we played catch in the park. I remember the day he wore shorts to a baseball game in September when the temperature was 40 degrees. I remember the day I saw him talking into a spoon as if he was DJ announcing a song that just came on the radio. I remember the first time we shared a drink together. I remember the day he explained to me how the penalty kill works in hockey for umpteenth time. I remember the day he took a bible with him to teach me to drive because he needed all the help he could get.  Today is a day to reflect on dear old dad, but it should not be the only day. Life is short, and sometimes things are taken from us way to soon. Enjoy it while you can, but never forget it either.

The Sunday Links…

  • Cigar Reader has video of Glynn Loope of the CRA speaking about the proposed NY Tobacco Tax.
  • Nice Tight Ash does a comparison between the Edge Sumata and Rocky Patel Renaissance.
  • Stogie Review has a first impression of Between The Lines by Mike aka @knighrtrid from twitter.
  • Gotham Cigars who is an advertiser on this website as a great Sweepstakes going on.

Happy Fathers Day!