News: World’s Largest Cigar/Gran Habano Corojo #5

Famous Cigars is holding their cigar expo this week and I will be in attendance thanks to a press pass extended to me. At the event Gran Habano Cigars will be unveiling the new Corojo #5.

This is going to be called the “Gigante” which means very large or giant.In this case, the word Giant fits the bill. This is a real cigar made with the long fillers you would find in any cigar shop. The difference here is the size. The length is 18.9 feet, with a width of 3.3 feet and a height of 5.2. I have no idea what the gauge would be.

Believe it or or not this is a cigar that can be ordered from Gran Habano but there is no word on what the cost will be.

The cigar comes packed in its own tube, and features an actual band… There is no word yet what the cigar will retail for or if anyone has ordered one.  For now though the cigar will be submitted to the World Record books as being the largest cigar produced using real fillers that people can order and have the chance to smoke. It has also been submitted as the thickest cigar ever smoked.

Can you imagine the nicotine buzz?