Event Recap: Drew Estate Dinner @ De La Concha

In the grand scheme of things I have not been smoking cigars for long. Sure 15 years doesn’t make me a novice, but it wasn’t long enough to truly enjoy the art of cigar smoking when it wasn’t considered taboo by society. I missed out on fine dining and being able to light up a cigar afterward. I missed out on being able to light up in a bar as I sipped my Johnny Walker Blue. I really had no idea what it was like to smoke in a time where I wasn’t considered a second class citizen.

That is until last night.

At 8pm on June 24th, 2010 I stepped back in time. De La Concha failed to exist and it became De La Jacks. You forgot you were in a cigar shop for a few hours and were able to escape from the worries of work, life and the world. With dinner catered by Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse and cigars provided by Drew Estate this was what cigar smoking should be.

The event begain with the lovely Arielle making her way around the room distributing cigars and continued at various stages throughout the evening. Much like in supper clubs from years past we smoked, we drank, we connected with old friends and made some new ones as we enjoyed some fine hors d’oeuvres of chicken skewers, baked clams, crab cakes and bruschetta topped with tomatoes.

Just prior to our second cigar of the night which was another Liga Privada Marvin Samel told us the Drew Estate story. Upon conclusion dinner was served which for me was a  medium-rare Filet Mignon that was cooked to perfection. I can’t begin to say how tasty this steak was and how Uncle Jacks Steakhouse provided great service.

After dinner we were all treated to a Dirty Rat which has become one of those cigars everyone wants, but has a hard time getting them. The cigar which is rolled in a 5 x 44 size features 7 different tobaccos. This makes the cigar almost impossible to roll and can only be done so by one girl in the Drew Estate factory making it a sure bet it will never be released in mass.

Deserts were served and we were all given a choice between a Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta or a Antano Dark Corojo of which I took the latter as Ron Melendi picked up his guitar and rocked out some Lenny Kravitz with De La Concha regular Roland James.

Truly an exceptional night, that will have me back to the next one and if in town I suggest you don’t miss out either.

Photos provided by Steve Zak Photography.

Disclaimer: De La Concha invited me to cover this event. They fed me, gave me free alcohol, and plenty of smokes. This however has not effected my coverage and I will be back to the next event as a paid customer.