Cigar News: New 601 Cigar Bands

[Edit: I got to eat lunch with Eddie today and he stated the bands will be changed to reflect the type of wrapper used instead of original, classic and hardcore. He also said that the 601 Red might get a slight tweak to make it just a little bit stronger.]

When I got to speak to Rocky Patel last week at the Cigar Inn event for their new cigar the 15th Anniversary one of the things Rocky mentioned is the 601 would be going though a redesign. Well over at the EO Brands Forums Eddie Ortega has released what the brands will look like for now.

According to Eddie Ortega he emphatically states, “we are  re-designing the packaging on the 601 and will be launched at the 2010 IPCPR in New Orleans. Just the packaging, just the packaging. Absolutely 100% the blends will remain the same, and Pepin continues to manufacture the cigars regardless of what you may have heard through the grape-vines.”

Which is a contradiction to Rocky stating the 601 Red Label would be getting a re-blend by Pepin. I hope to see Eddie today and clarify this matter or perhaps have him comment on this post…

For updated information on the cigar bands and new art work checkout the following POST:

601 New Cigar Bands

601 New Cigar Bands

Sadly the 601 Black Label which was the Connecticut shade wrapper will be discontinued due to the lack of sales. The bands depicted above may or may not be final as they have not yet gone to printing.