Sunday Links

So America is out of the world cup which means a lot of my fellow Americans can pretend to stop liking soccer. I’m willing to bet with Team USA out of the tournament that numbers go down on the amount of people who watch the games here in my great country.  Those of you with a team still in contention I wish you luck but me personally I can’t wait for real football to begin.

I spent yesterday at Cigar Expo which is hosted by Famous Smoke Shop with Tom from cigar reader. The two of us decided to work together since we would wind up cross linking each other anyway. We realize that there is plenty of traffic for everyone who runs a cigar website so why not work together instead of asking a lot of the same questions, the result; we got some great interviews which will pop-up throughout the week.

For now the Sunday Links

  • Puffing Cigars reviews the Aurora 107 which for me is currently Cigar Of The Year.
  • Straight Up Cigars smokes the Alec Bradly Maxx Brazil.
  • UBI Cigars who I got to hang shortly with this week reviews the La Palina 1896.
  • EO Brands has launched forums. If you sign up use nyisles as the name of who referred you.

Til next Time my friends!